Erica's Life Vlog | 3-24-19 | Traveling For Job Orientation


Erica's Life Vlog | 3-24-19 | Traveling For Job Orientation

What I’m wearing:
Shirt: (Nike)
Leggings: (Nike)
Shoes: (Nike Huarache) (different color)

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  1. Your eyebrows are looking good I think I’m going to bite the bullet! I have plenty they are just not long enough lol

  2. You are beautiful Erika😊 I love watching your vlogs♥️ Hope all is well with the new job🍀

  3. I wouldn't like to travel alone at all. You have the pretties big eyes. Does your husband ever think of switching jobs so he can be home more? Who has your little dog since you are away? Love your vlogs!

  4. I love Cooking shows too. My Favorite is Cupcake wars I’ve watched every episode numerous times lol

  5. i wish i would have known you were going to be so close to me.. I'm not far from Dayton..


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