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Erica's Life Vlog | I Called The Police | Subscriber Mail | Intermittent Fasting

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  1. Glad you found Tammy (uppiesbeads). She is the one that recommended the healthy broth for dogs!

  2. Even though we live in a better neighborhood than before, we have cameras set up outside the house and got The Ring which takes video of any motion. We can talk to whoever is at the door even when we're not home. We can share videos of strange people with others in our neighborhood. I highly recommend it!

  3. Those guys were searching the neighborhood for a vulnerable house to burglarize. They were probably knocking to know if someone is home at a particular time of the day. Glad that you didn't answer and have a gun for protection. If you're friendly with your neighbors, possibly go on over and have a chat with them about to keep an eye out. Everyone should be aware of these scumbags lurking around.
    I am loving your makeup look today but then it always looks amazing.

  4. Erica, you look absolutely gorgeous in your new necklace. I don't see you in bracelets much. Do you like bracelets? If so, what size would you buy yourself? (Or receive from a friend?). Love all the Light you spread in the world! ✨

  5. Please Lord don't let my sweet friend Erica end up a story on the WYMT and WKYT bc she's done went shot gun on somebody! Be careful…home invasions up there freak me out!

  6. Erica I glad you went with your gut and didn't open the door to those men. If I'm home alone, I do not open my door to any one I don't know. If they try to come in they will be greeted by Mr Smith and Wesson. Uppiebeads has so much knowledge about skin care and eating healty She makes healthy foods that look so delicious. That necklace is gorgeous. The chain is STUNNING 🙂 Sheila

  7. Be careful sweetie. Unfortunately we do live in some scary times. Follow up with the police and make sure they're stepping up the security in your neighborhood. Love the necklace. It's just beautiful. Stay safe.

  8. You be careful Hun… You can't anyone…l love QVC….pretty necklace..that was so kind of them sending you a shirt…tc Erica.. Love you make my day…hugsss

  9. Erica honey. The guys outside scares me to death for you. We've talked about this before with you being alone so often. If they return, get your gun but don't answer the door. Just call 911 immediately! You don't know what people like that are capable of! Even if you are armed. Love the tshirt and bag and LOVE the necklace ❤️❤️❤️ be safe.

  10. Girl I got cold chills reading about the guys out side your house and taking pics. I'm so glad you did notify the police .Some thing is fishy about that! Please don't answer the door even if you have a gun ! Call 911 if they come back and have your gun near you just in case.

  11. We are so glad you liked the box. We even grabbed the Radiologist and made him watch you open our box. All the best to both you and David!!

  12. Good for you for calling the police!!! I would've too!!!! Sounds like maybe they where scoping out places to rob?????

  13. The only time I had people taking pictures of my house was the first year after we moved. We think it was real estate companies doing comparables, etc. However, they never pulled into my driveway and they didn't ring the doorbell. I would have been nervous, too, especially since there were two guys and they backed into your driveway like they wanted to make a quick getaway! I rarely will open the door if I'm home alone. I like watching Dateline ID and a girl knows what can happen, right!? Anyway, I've never commented on your channel before, but I'm so glad that Emily Noel brought me to you. You are so sweet and I love your southern sayings and realness!

  14. girl you just need to be careful. we have had people to watch, and if they think your not home they will break in. just be safe.

  15. I am with you girl! If I can't have a splash of coffee to go with my creamer, I don't want it!! ?

  16. I do not answer my door for anything! Friends and neighbors know they need to text if they want me to open the door ?

  17. Erica me and my family are going to Kentucky for the first time for me and my daughter we are going to van Leer to see Loretta Lynn and have u ever been to hillbilly hot dog and if u have any other ideas for us to do down there

  18. Erica, I've gotten to the point where I don't answer the door if I don't know who's on the other side when I'm home alone. You can buy individual security cameras and devices at places like Home Depot or Lowes. Be very careful. You're very precious to me.

  19. You know I've been thinking about the stranger knocking at your door since you mentioned it on Snapchat. There is a app you can get to see who is at your door from your phone. so when they ring the bell you are notified on your phone and you can ask them what they want. I'm sure there is equipment involved. It might be worth looking into.

  20. Hi Sweetheart, I don't blame you at all for being afraid, I would be too. You do whatever it takes to keep yourself safe, pretty lady….and call the police immediately if they come back and please let us know…….. Erica, have you heard of the 5/2 diet, it's the same principle as intermittent fasting. Google it or search YouTube, there are lots of videos about it. It works for me, not only for weight, but it helps with the symptoms of fibromyalgia… you loads…Bella xxxxxx?????

  21. Love that T- Shirt and necklace!! I hope those crazy people haven't been back . I had a similar issue with someone selling something that same day. They haven't been back , since management , at the apt, threatened to call the police. It definitely is upsetting. I'm glad you all are ok. Keep us posted

  22. That is so scary. I would have called law enforcement as well. Its to bad you couldn't see a tag number on their vehicle. So many crazy things go on in the world. Its sad we have to feel so cautious. But desperate people will do crazy things. Also protect yourself and keep your doors locked.

  23. It's wonderful that you want to give intermittent fasting a shot. Since September I've lost 57 pounds using fasting (I also follow a LCHF diet… I know you said low carb is not for you, but I love it) My fiancé joined me in February and he has lost 40 lbs. and is no longer diabetic ?? No matter how you go about lowering your insulin, it's a great idea. Best of luck sweetie ?

  24. Erica please don't answer the door. Please don't. Have the gun in your hand. Show it to them through the door and call the police while doing so. You don't know what people will do. Please be safe. That would scare the hell out of me too. What they did was so weird, makes no sense at all. So glad you reported it so the police can do some extra patrol.
    I am home by myself very often and I never answer the door when I'm home alone. I don't have a weapon, sometimes I wish I did.

  25. The very same thing happened to me a few years ago. A couple of guys showed up, and of course my husband wasn't home, I was there alone, and I too was scared and wondered what was going on. We found out they were hired by an insurance company to take pictures of our house. I don't know if that's what happened in your situation, but it's very unnerving! You can't be too careful.
    I am a faithful subscriber and I sooo enjoy your vlogs, Erica!! Blessings to you & your sweet, little family ??

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