Erica's Life Vlog | My Relationship | Hair Update


Erica's Life Vlog | My Relationship | Hair Update

Thank you for being concerned about me. I truly love you guys!

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  1. Wonderful video…if I stuck a camera in my husbands face, he would probably knock it out of my hand!! David is a good sport!

  2. OMG! The way you tell the story about your Wendy's bag…🤣🤣🤣🤣 kicking the door open…lol!

  3. In ref to your relationship….I wouldn't know what to do if a man loved me enough to take care of me. I was married for 22 years and NEVER HAD THAT, Davis is a rare find…..You two are very BLESSED TO HAVE EACH OTHER!!!

  4. I just found your channel and I love it! Just binge watched so many of your vlogs Keep up the great work

  5. I totally get what you're saying. You just described my husband to a T. Don comes across as very anti social to ppl who don't know him. Everyone who knows him loves him. If you didn't know us you would think we hated each other. Lol. We are always at each other but it's all in fun. I think that's why we have been married for almost 37 yrs. The few times David has been on camera I always laugh bc he reminds me of Don. That Wendy's bag story had me rolling! That is a Don n Sheila episode. !! Thank God he is so patient n laughs off my insanity. Love you Erica. :). Sheila

  6. Bless you I have been with my husband since I was 15 I am 45 now. My sister recently asked me what I see in him as he is really hard to talk to as he is so closed. I don't find him that way at all he is so funny really quick witted. I just think that some men are like that

  7. You are the girl with the hair, yes you are… It looks great every time we see you, even orange….lucky you! And it is just precious to hear you love on your viewers regarding David and not be offended. I think he is warming up to us already! Plus this YouTube relationship thingy we all have going on does take some getting used to! Great job vlogging Erica…blessings to you, deb <*}}}><

  8. Thank you for being you! That's why I am so thankful to Emily Noel for talking about your channel so I could follow along. Are there more people from southeastern KY who have a channel on here? It's like watching a friend. 🙂 Even my husband asks me if I've "watched my friend" lately, so there you go, LOL! I figured that was just David's way of reacting to being on camera. We all react differently to having pictures and videos taken. I really like your hair this color, but honey, it's yours and you rock it however you want to. 😉 Lastly, I just saw some things that I thought you might like on It is called the "Happy Camper Tabletop Collection" and it's got those cute little campers you love on a melamine dinnerware set and TV trays. Here's the link:—Dining/Tabletop/Dinnerware/Happy-Camper-Tabletop-Collection/1z0u02y/

  9. When I see a video from you it makes me happy, you are so sweet. Everybody is different and we have to understand that, but I am glad to see that you have a great person by your side and I truly mean it. I do not know you but I feel you are like a friend, I laugh a lottttt with the Wendy's story LOL …..

  10. Awww I could see the love you have for David when you were talking about him!! My hubby is the same way, AND he walks in front of me all the time. I'm always wondering where the fire is that he's running to! ❤️

  11. You are the best, Erica! I do the same thing with coffee cups to my husband. "You went to Starbucks without me?!" 😂

  12. You seem like a very sweet girl. I watch your videos on occasion. I used to subscribe but unsubscribed months ago because of the dynamics of your relationship. It makes me sad to see. My husband is a great provider but I don't cook and clean for him and I don't have to watch movies I don't like. Good luck in your life. You deserve love and wonderful things.

  13. That color on u is gorgeous! And think, you wouldn't even hav to change anything in your brow routine– yes please! Guuuurrrrrllllll, my allergies got me strait up tore up! Springtime just gives me fits bcuz it's just beautiful w/everything blooming; but on the other hand it literally gives me fits! Coughin fits, sneezin fits, eye-watering, throat itchin FITS!!!! lol. I feel your pain friend ! Shoot I wouldn't care if you used one of those giant VHS tape recorders to vlog on! As long as I can sit dwn in the morning and drink my coffee w/my friend- ☺️ also, I was curious to know if you like setting sprays? Preferably oily friendly ones?? If not which blotting papers are your favorite!? I'm Just ALWAYS lookin for the best possible way to keep my face from looking like it's underwater constantly! Lol

  14. Thank you so much for talking more about David and your relationship. I have enjoyed getting to know you better. And honestly, if I still lived in Lex, I would be demanding that we be best friends and chill out watching tv and eating popsicles together. 😁

  15. Thank you for sharing about David. I kind of figured it was him not wanting on camera :).. I agree… It's part of his ethnicity . I worked with many Asian , Indian, Pakistan etc physicians, it's frowned on , by their culture.. It's often viewed as vain etc,, Americans are more out there etc.. In ways of vlogs… Pictures etc. even though he was born here… He was raised by his parents – who weren't ( I assume ?).It's ok . Maybe… Ask him to say hi! Once.. Then maybe back off from it awhile. He may come around.. If you don't ask lol! You know how men are ;). The helping others though … Also comes from his ethnicity too and character. My good Hispanic friend… He is much that way too. Other countries seem to focus on helping others a lot more than we do here. We all could learn a lot from them :). I love your hair color! I'd keep it that shade and just cover the roots , with a shade to match it ! Try this for awhile. You can always choose to lighten it more later. Your new camera is really clear and sharp !!

  16. Great day my girl posted a video. I "flat love" your personality and especially your laugh! My Danny and I are a lot like the two of you, constant banter and I love it that way!

  17. Its amazing how people analyze things. I knew as soon as I started watching your channel, that he wasn't comfortable being on video. He engages with you but on a level where he isn't comfortable being on video. And that's okay. Its beautiful to see you are different people and can agree to disagree so to speak. people are so judgemental. it is very brave of you to face the inquiries into your personal life. I'm so glad I found your channel. Your so real and genuine. Not many are real. And I love it.

  18. Love this vlog! I can tell you are in a happy relationship and can tell that David isn't an on camera person. I love the hair color. Just do your roots girl! ❤️

  19. Ooh, girl! David is a good man. You are so blessed! I somehow knew that y'all were a "normal" couple! I never worried about y'all cuz I can tell that you're happy! Matthew (my boyfriend) is the same way. He is just way private, and we (as their partners) just respect that. Love you :*

  20. I was going to say something about how David is with you too, but I stopped thought about who you are and got my answer. Girlfriend wouldn't be with him if he was any kind of I'll mannered, look at her house and the trips you all take. Yes she's being taken care of with a whole lot of love. I just wanted to tell you that and tell you again how much I enjoy your vlogs. You the Bomb Girl! xoxo Tina 😍😉🙆✌☝💜💖❣💣💋

  21. Erica it's your life, no explanation necessary! Loved the chitchat and story time. Hope you and David feel better soon. Hugs 😘❤

  22. Love your hair the way it is, but do what makes you happy 😊I really enjoy your vlogs, and so happy to hear you talk about how happy you are with your man. Hugs to you!

  23. Baby girl, you make me laugh!!! Thanks again for the sweetest anecdotes. My best to you and yours..

  24. It is no one's place to talk about anyone's relationship but I admit, I am one of those who are concerned with how David treats you. But to be fair, the only people who know what is going on behind closed doors are the two people in the marriage/relationship. What you both accept or don't accept from one another is your personal choices. This will be the first and last time I comment on your relationship because it's not my place nor is it anyone else's.

    I just want you to know that we have grown to love and care about you and want only the best for you. I tell my brother all the time he needs to find a woman like you. They just don't make 'em like you anymore Erica. Many blessings to you sweetie <3

  25. David sounds like an amazing man, and he'd have to be in order to be with you 😊 and I Can clearly see how much you love him 😊😊😊 love your vlogs so much! 😁😁😁😁


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