Erica's Life Vlog | Things To Keep In Mind Watching My Disney Vlogs!

Erica's Life Vlog | Things To Keep In Mind Watching My Disney Vlogs!

I love you guys! Be happy and be blessed in this life! It may not be perfect but the bad times always make the good times a little sweeter.

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  1. " Every Minnow in the creek knows his name" I was dying. My husband was looking at me like I was crazy. I played it back for him and we both were dying lol.. Girl don't you make me come to Kentucky and whoop you. You take care of yourself and don't wait so long to see a Dr, I swear you have the most gorgeous skin ! Do you know when I was a child I would get in trouble all the time for being silly and just having fun. My Mother would say God did not like all that foolishness. lol People think I'm crazy will I tell them that. I love my Mom but she has always had some things mixed up. She was always on her knees praying bc she has 6 of the silliest kids you have ever seen. We find humor in every thing and love just being silly and having fun 🙂 Sheila

  2. Hey Girl!! LOVE the Opening Song! LOVED this message! I CHOOSE HAPPINESS, EVERYDAY! Stay blessed, stay humble, stay YOU! xoxo

  3. Girl, I Just Love Your Heart❤️You are so Fun, Sweet, And Caring?We need more people on YouTube like You Erica???
    Have a Blessed Week Sweetie??
    Texas Lady xoxo

  4. Erica, red is your color. (And bright blue.) I believe there's a difference between showing off and simply showing the goodness, the blessings. You radiate joy in a genuine way Erica. The fact that you filmed this to clarify, makes it even more evident that you're sharing the beauty and adventure of life with the hope that those very things thread into the heart of the viewer. That's a lovely thing. (For the record, I've never gotten that 'feel' from any of your videos. I enjoy them all.)

  5. Are there any songs you don't like? lol Love the red lipstick! As viewers we need to keep in mind people in videos are not showing us everything about their lives from one minute to the next. No amount of wealth & prosperity will keep us from experiencing bad things in life whether it be internal or external. As you say, you choose to be happy. Our attitude accounts for a whole lot when life happens. Hope you're still loving your job. I know you're busy but I miss your videos being more frequent.

  6. Erica you keep being you! I am so inspired by your positivity! After subscribing to you a few weeks ago, I discovered you too had Hashimoto’s. Girl I connect with you on so many levels and that’s just another. I love you to pieces! I am really trying to live the happiest life despite the struggles (and girl I have a few) and you inspire me so much! Rock on!

  7. This was such a great vlog! It says alot about who you truly are. I loved the words of wisdom and your thoughtfulness to share those words to the viewers of your Disney vlogs. You look Gorgeous!

  8. Oh girl! Ragweed in Texas is killing me too??? love you!!! Excellent advice, sister? hope you feel better asap!?

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