Far Leftists Of Seattle "Free Zone" Issue Demands INcluding Abolishing The Courts AND Police


Far Leftists Of Seattle "Free Zone" Issue Demands INcluding Abolishing The Courts AND Police

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  1. Why don't they just go ahead and abolish the courts, and the police, and guns, and knives, and sporks, and toothpicks, and plastic spoons? While they are at it the might want to ban plastic straws, but they might have already done that one already anyway.

  2. Welcome back my friends
    To the show that soon will end
    We're so glad you can attend
    Come inside, come inside
    There upon the grass
    Is a garden that won't last
    Be careful as you pass..move along move along
    Come inside the show's about to start
    Guaranteed to blow some heads apart

    You gotta see the show, its a dynamo
    You gotta see the show, something's gonna blow.

    Right before your eyes
    Three superhero allies
    Just don't laugh or criticize
    They're deputized, deputized

    Soon the loved son
    WIll hand out to everyone
    AKs and then handguns
    We're not done, we're not done
    Next upon the street
    There's no need to be discrete
    Be careful of your seat
    Trick or Treat, Trick or Treat
    Performing for Mainstream
    Are visions to daydream
    We've got no self esteem
    It's extreme, it's extreme
    We would like it to be known
    This is a cop free zone
    We're not totally on our own?
    But alone, but alone

  3. “The demands of the collective black voice at free Capitol Hill…”
    You mean the group of rich white hipster college-aged dudes with 10 black people sprinkled in?

  4. 1:28 They don't know who the elected officials are? Even I know the mayor of where I live and the governor(their names I mean).

  5. How about a lottery where the winner gets to remotely fly a drone with a 500 pounder into the center of that area. And just before that they could parachute drop the mayor into the same spot.

  6. So you dont agree that kids should be in prison. Ok. So what if some 16 yr old rapes and kills your mom or daughter? Would you like them to just get juvie for a couple years?

  7. Its funny they're using a Trump negotiation technique…ask for something outrageous then let the other side walk you back to something more reasonable. There tring to Trump Trump.

  8. These guys are Bernie Bros, they literally said they were going to do this if Bernie didn’t get the nomination.

  9. At most for resisting arrest you can get 1 year jail time but if it's a first offence or you have a mainly clean record they just slap you with a fee, you get the up to 1 year prison for resisiting if you presented a real danger or you already had run ins with the law for illegal and criminal activity

  10. just a thought.
    If the left definition of racism is: racist discrimination+ institutional power
    and in the CHAZ white protesters are abdicating their powers to the black protesters…
    Can only black CHAZites be racist?

  11. Thanks for being honest voice on this one. The rest of the medias treating them like there’s some sort of heroes and that everything there is a peaceful and the way things should be. The truth is there a bunch of criminals the thieves who took over an area they’re handing out free stuff which is shit they stole and the truth is they didn’t take anything over, Seattle hand it to them on a SilverPlatter, they walked in there in the mirror till the police to bail and they just gave it to them. In any real city with real police not under some corrupt Democrat telling them to stand down they would’ve put all these punks in jail where they belong.

    We also have to remember that these people are idiots puppets controlled byDemocrats, they are there domestic terrorists/militant wing now. They’re not heroes they’re not social justice warriors there idiot criminals and the people running them don’t just want the police gone the people running that want to replace real police with Democrat police. ThinkMid-1930s Nazi Germany and the brown coats calling for the SS to come and fix all the problems. The Democrats created the problems and they want to institute their own Politically correct storm trooper police forces to enforce their ideology not the law.Look at how they’ve been letting prisoners out and preaching lawlessness and trying to legalize everything. They’ve been preparing for this for a long long time, this is a socialist Democrat attack on the United States. They are global socialist who hate this country and they want to destroy it so they can take it over and make it part of the New World order cult where the UN is the government and is unchallenged and rules the entire world, but they have to destroy America to get it out-of-the-way first. First the virus lockdown crap to destroy the economy now this race riot BS which is nothing but a socialist Democrat Civil War set up so if they fail they can blame it on Black America, and it’s not gonna end until after the elections and if Trump wins again it’s going to go another four years and at some point people are going to have to realize that they are no longer Americans exercising their constitutional rights they are domestic terrorists and traders sighting with globalists and their waging war on this country. Their demands are just democratic socialist or if we’re being honest socialist/communist And they should beTreated for what they are, they are terrorists and theyShould send in the police and or National Guard they should surround them and they should arrest every single one of them and charge them with domestic terrorism. And personally I think they should make a new law against domestic terrorism and have a minimum five year sentence with no bail and no parole. Then these Antifa cucks i’ll think twice before running around burning down cities and beating and killing people in the streets. And why is nobody talking about the dead bodies they’re piling up, they’re acting like these are protests, violence and looting and beating and killing people in the streets is terrorism not protest. Quit negotiating tell them they can stick their demands up their terrorists asses and send somebody in to arrest them and put them in prison where they belong

  12. Doesn't matter how many of them there are. Ten thousand idiots on a street are still just a bunch of idiots.

  13. Had they paid attention when they were in school they would know that it was the Federal government that made colleges expensive when they took over the loans…

  14. The same Federal government that doesn't answer to any other part of government…

  15. I'm all for a reasonable conversation about the topics listed in their demands, but if the city capitulates any more than they have, everyone may as well leave Seattle. Holding territory hostage will be rewarded, and you get more of what you reward. Maybe a participation trophy for all protesters instead of handing full control to them?

  16. Wait, I thought it was just a "block party". If a white mob took 4 blocks of Seattle while Obama was President they would immediately be labeled White Nationalists by the media and the National Guard would already be there.

  17. Better yet, I’d quote General Anthony McAuliffe… “To the German Commander: NUTS! The Allied Commander”

  18. If Seattle’s government had a spine, they’d issue a response. “We are disinclined to acquiesce. That means no.”

  19. The reply should be, "We don't negotiate with terrorists", and then drop tear gas on them from drones.

  20. A 16 year old "kid" who shoots someone needs to be thrown into a dark cell with another hardened criminal. That'll rehabilitate them real quick.

  21. I would tell them to suck it and then turn off all of their utilities and communication and then inform them that a wall will be erected around them to sanction any resources from entering the area.

  22. They're asking for the abolition of the courts but then asking for retrials? Huh? How? Am I missing something?


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