Fat Black guy dancing


Fat Black guy dancing

A meme where a fat black homeless guy dances

(i do not own any footage of this clip)

source: https://blogtruyenhinhfpt.com/

More: https://blogtruyenhinhfpt.com/global/


  1. Kid gets mutilated beyond recognition

    Willy Wonka and his Oompa Loompa niggas 0:10

  2. I’ve heard this song and it legit bangs. Me and my parents would play it in the car when I was like 8. It’s by Kirk Franklin and it’s called, “Do you want a revolution.” Legit banger of a song.

  3. Teacher: Tomorrow is a test
    All class: Nooooooo!!!
    Other teacher: Coronavirus is here. Tomorrow you're not go to school 😀
    Me: 0:11

  4. Youtube creator: how racist u want the title
    Danko: YES

    (It's a joke don't take it so seriously)

  5. Imagine if he wasnt homeless and just was dressed because we'd be seeing his bones and shii


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