First Time Playing Sims 4 Vampire Pack – Vampire creation and game play

First Time Playing Sims 4 Vampire Pack – Vampire creation and game play

Title: First Time Playing Sims 4 Vampire Pack – Vampire creation and game play”

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I have never played the Sims 4 Vampire pack so I record myself creating my “first” vampire that I want to focus mainly on and it took me nearly an hour and a half to create her. After that, I spend nearly 30 minutes trying to blend into the village and buy property. I make a lot of rookie mistakes.

***PLEASE NOTE**** I didn’t do a voice over in the video. I needed to mute the mic because of the things that were happening in other areas.

As I create new videos, I am going to speaking along with them and perhaps play some nice music in the background?

Ambrosia Blackthorne (now I can’t remember if there was an e at the end)
Where does this surname hail from I wonder?

Anyway, I create my first vampire, acquire land, when I should have bought a house. And I made two new friends. Since I have no idea what I am doing, this should be interesting for me.

The intro of the video was made with crazy talk 8. I still don’t have the sync portion in line just yet. So, the lip movement is not perfect. Sorry.
I hope to improve as I make more.

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