FULL MATCH – Triple H vs. Kane – Championship vs. Mask Match – Raw, June 23, 2003

FULL MATCH – Triple H vs. Kane – Championship vs. Mask Match – Raw, June 23, 2003

If Kane loses, he must unmask and reveal his face to the world for the very first time.
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  1. WWE Ruined Kane Character. Stupid scripted. And now they make other mask wrestler the Fiend? What a joke, Bray Wyatt as a leader Wyatt Family is better than the Fiend.

  2. Terrible. How wasn't he unmasked at Wrestlemania 20 or SummerSlam 04. Trip;e H Brough so much BS in 02-03. But more importantly why didn't Kane just use the hair from his more recent 2013 mask -__- this looked terrible!

  3. This shouldn't have been something they just randomly did, it should have been after a long, elaborate storyline with a lot of build up. It should have been the end to Kane vs Taker Part 2. I would have even saved it for Wrestlemania. They should have gotten Paul Bearer involved too since he was the one that told us Kane's face was burned. During the feud, we could have learned why Taker burned the house down that they lived in and maybe found out more about what Kane went through growing up. Bearer could have started on Kane's side, then switched to Taker's side after he and Kane had a disagreement. Several people could have attacked Undertaker dressed as Kane and then unmasked. Also, the unmasking shouldn't have been permanent, it should have just been a way to get him a new mask. Like at Wrestlemania, they could have had Taker remove the mask and burn it. When we see Kane's face, it's burned with black marks. Then, the next time we see Kane, he's no longer red and black but black and red and that is his new look, and, from that point forward, he has a new mask.

  4. On a youtube video the uploader said, ''The only reason Kane had that mask was because Undertaker gave him scars on his face and in 2003 they weren't visible anymore so they unmasked him.'' If that's true, that's still very stupid because one of the reasons people even liked Kane was because of the mask and unmasking him really made him less scary and intimidating.

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