Get Laid Tonight (PART 2) | Subliminal Messages + Spoken Affirmations to SEDUCE ANY WOMAN

Get Laid Tonight (PART 2) | Subliminal Messages + Spoken Affirmations to SEDUCE ANY WOMAN

? Reprogram your mind to attract as many gorgeous women as you want with our POWERFUL Subliminal Flash software for Windows. It silently flashes subliminal messages of your choice over your computer screen while you work, surf the web, watch movies, etc. You can add your own subliminal affirmations.
? Download Subliminal Flash by the link:
? Use Subliminal Flash while working on your computer (or playing, surfing, watching videos, etc)

This subliminal session combines:
1. Audio subliminal messages (256 female voices and 64 male ones, with different volume below the treshold of perception).
2. Audio supraliminal affirmations (you can hear them, as they’re above the treshold of perception)
3. Visual subliminal messages
4. Music

Attract beautiful women with the help of this subliminal session.


For best results use it on a daily basis. You will see results in 30-60 days.

You can use it in two ways:

1. Watch the video and listen to the sound.
2. If you have no time to watch the video – combine this session with Subliminal Flash while performing your routine tasks. There’s no need to concentrate on the spoken affirmations! Just relax and do what you want. Your subconscious mind will accept everything with no effort on your part.

►► Listen to this session while you’re working, surfing the web, reading news, meditating and even sleeping. Sleep hypnosis is a very powerful psychological technique as it directly affects your subconscious mind.

►► Below is a list of just a few of the subliminal messages used in this session:
Beautiful girls want to seduce you,
You can get laid tonight,
You are magnetic,
Personal magnetism is your natural gift,
You can approach any woman you want,
You attract gorgeous women with your smile,
You are irresistible. Hot girls desire you,
Beautiful girls buy you drinks,
Each girl wants to date you,
You can approach a girl anywhere, anytime,
Sexy women want you,
You generate massive attraction in any situation,
You seduce women with no effort,
Sexy girls love you,
You attract hot girls with your body language,
You unconsciously behave like a nymphomaniac magnet,
You attract the most gorgeous women with no effort on your part,
You approach women everywhere,
Active, fit women kiss you and hug you,
Girls look you up and down beacause they want you,
Beautiful women love your alpha male mindset,
You intuitively know how to get a girl to like you,
You have an alpha male mindset,
You turn fit girls into nymphomaniacs,
You are a nymphomaniac magnet,
You are sexy,
Rich girls beg you for sex,
Active women buy you drinks,
You always have hot girls on rotation,
High-class women love you,
You unconsciously turn hot women into nymphomaniacs,
Gorgeous girls buy you drinks,
Sexy women appreciate your sense of humor,
You are a powerful nymphomaniac magnet,
Sexy girls follow you everywhere,
Beautiful women beg to be in your harem,
Unlimited charm is your natural characteristic,
You are a charming man. High-class women want you,
Fit women like you,
You are magnetic,
You have an alpha male personality,
High-class women ask for your phone number,
You generate massive desire,
You can seduce any woman,
You approach women with confidence,
You turn women into nymphomaniacs,
Hot girls want to be in your harem,
You are smart and charismatic,
Gorgeous girls beg you for sex,
You attract hot girls on a subconscious level,
Unconscious nymphomaniac seduction is your natural talent,
You attract rich & fit women,
Rich women love sex with you,
You attract fit women quickly,
Sexy women seduce you,
You are bold and outgoing,
Beautiful girls follow you everywhere,
You are a desire generator,
Girls think about you,
You are a leader. Rich and fit girls accept your leadership,
You are an alpha male,
You approach women with ease,
Your subconscious mind is like a seductive magnet,
You seduce girls easily,
Attractive women want to be in your harem,
Sexy girls approach you everywhere,
Fit and active girls follow you everywhere,
Your charm is irresistible,
Fit, young girls admire you,
Sexy girls seduce you,
You drive women admire you crazily,
You attract sexy, fit girls like a magnet,
You seduce the sexiest women easily,
Sexy women admire you,
Gorgeous women chase you,
You possess unlimited personal magnetism,

Combine this session with our previous subliminal videos. Here’s a link to the previous one:

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Music: Jellyfish in Space, Hypnothis, Consequence, Perspectives, Organic Meditation by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (



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