Ghana First Peace Song

Ghana First Peace Song

Ghana’s landmark presidential and parliamentary elections will be held on December 7, 2008, and many Ghanaians and friends of Ghana have course to worry about the country’s ability to remain the oasis and beacon of peace in a hitherto stormy neighborhood.

Over the past few months, the electioneering process has been beset with many reports of violence, fighting and profound bickering. Even during intra-party primaries, some people have been reported to have lost lives. The good thing is that Ghanaians by their nature are very peaceful and peace loving, so it is not a surprise that many initiative have already sprung up with the aim of promoting peace. With the slogan GHANA FIRST WE LOVE PEACE, the United Ghanaian Artistes for Peace (UGAP), featuring all the winners of the prestigious MUSIGA 2007 Awards and other leading Ghanaian artistes first worked very hard to produce a Peace Song entitled We Love Peace – which is gradually becoming a hit, and a video to match, which is currently being played on all TV stations in Ghana.

Some of the popular names on the Train are Diana Hopeson, Amandzeba, Shasha Marley, Kwaw Kesse (Abodam), Adane Best, Ohemaa Mercy, Chemphe, 5 Five, Spirit, Wutah, Kitchen, Blaq Swede, Sherifatu Gunu, Rev Lenny Akpade, Grace Ashey, Ceasar, Slow Gem, Philipa Berfi, Jane and Irene, Reggy Zippy, Isaac, Cee, Ampong, A.B. Crentsil, Patty, Okuraseni Samuel, Jerry Borketey, and the indomitable King Ayisoba.



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  1. I love the idea nd the song  – but – the sound quality was very bad.
    Maybe fault on my equipment?

  2. Ghana today as a democratic model for Africa, like MAARS Ghana TV as a Live Stream Applications for all Android phones and tablets user. On Google play just search "MAARS Ghana TV"

  3. I am not Ghanaian, I am not even African. But somehow I love this country, almost like my motherlan, Poland. LONG LIVE GHANA!

  4. @mskuukua oh so i shouldn't consider the many languages spoken in Ghana, just because some people in the western world don't recognize it as a language? HA! wow, okay, i'm the ignorant one. You said there is only ONE language in Ghana.. that is very incorrect! Dagbani isn't a dialect of Akan!

  5. I wish there were subtitles for this no matter WHAT language OR languages were spoken. It would be nice to understand this beautiful, peaceful song. If not, put the lyrics in the description. Something lol! Thanks!

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