GIRL, SWEETVOICED – lesbian short film


GIRL, SWEETVOICED – lesbian short film

a sapphic short film, in fragments.

from the poetry of sappho, as translated by anne carson –

georgie henley
antoinette belle –

writer & director – rebecca shoptaw –
assistant director & “bag witch” – rowan ellis –

“maroon” by fabian tell
“naked heart” by enny owl

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  1. You really made me speachless. The music, the cinematography, the actors, the voices, the poetry… This isn't perfect, it's something better.

  2. rewatching this and i'm floored. the beauty, passion and longing is captured so incredibly well.

    where did you get the inspiration for this? and how did you decide to divide it in 3 parts and arrange it the way you did? it's so wonderful and wanting to write and direct a short film myself, coming up w these bits is so challenging to me. i have so much admiration and love for your work.

  3. soo beautifully made, especially the way the poem was cut up and delivered by each of the girls and then them together !!! (and the fact that georgie henley in the third narnia film was my gay awakening just made seeing this so much better)

  4. Wow.. DAMN GURL!! You got yourself a new subscriber. This was absolutely beautiful, just BREATHTAKING!

  5. What I really didn't expect is to see Georgie Henley in an LGBTQ short film. Awesomeness.


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