Gorgeous Swedish Athletes [HOTTEST]


Gorgeous Swedish Athletes [HOTTEST]

Very Beautiful Swedish Girls

Bianca Salming, Michaela Meijer, Angelica Bengtsson and others.

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  1. Is it my imagination, or is the pole vault too high? I mean, it's over two stories high. Give those girls a chance.

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  5. What is gorgeous about them? They have missed it in all the sports. In reality, most of them are fat. I'm a Swede and you may have them for free.

  6. I'm having a stiffy while thinking of Gimli in the lord of the rings when watching this video. Please give me a kick in the head.

  7. This is true beauty! No make-up, no plastic, no fake hair and no expensive clothes! Just buy a ticket to Sweden and get a girl. I promise you, you won't get disapointed 'cause they're awsome 😉

  8. OOO look more White people …. Every Corner of Europe and Yugoslavia and Russia all Nazi's ….. This Old First Nation's Native American hates the entire White Race ….. They all think of them selves as God's and Goddess …

  9. Why are there so many beutiful women in Sweden? Because the vikings didn't rob the ugly ones….

  10. If you dweebs find these gross blonde soulless-lookin' pissy cunts the "hottest" then you dweebs seriously are the definition of easily-aroused.


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