Thank you for all the likes on the last video! As promised, here is another one. I’m really enjoying myself here on Kalymnos and hope to share as much of it as …

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  1. Could someone please explain how they got out of the stuck position? I didn't understand how the belayer ended up on the end hanging from the top of the arch. I haven't done much climbing outdoors…

  2. haha.. in the intro I'm like: "oh nice, magnus has the same sunglasses as I have" – later magnus "these sunglasses make me look like a schmuck". 🙁

  3. A bit late here , but loved the video !
    The "goofy" parts with fooling around where great , made me laugh out loud 😀

  4. The editing is incredible and the camera quality is awesome! How long does it usually take you to edit an episode and what is your camera / audio setup? Thanks for creating such great content!

  5. I think you've proved how grounded you are and even with those glasses no one would think you are a shmuck. Been watching the vlogs since day 1!

  6. Great video, really makes me want to go climb outdoors (never done that) and enjoy some good time with friends in a nice warm place! The greek music is a nice touch as well, got the feels going =D

  7. And here I am, proud to have climbed my first indoor 6c+ a week ago, getting my confidence killed once again :D.

  8. Which route did you actually climb in the beginning, Magnus? Was it Tufantastic? I'm going to Kalymnos for the first time next Sunday. o/ Already excited. Great video as always! Didn't notice any drop in quality.

  9. How did you find the bolts and draws on Fun De Chichunne? I was there almost a month ago and they looked very rusted to me, maybe they'd been replaced?

  10. I like to utilize my time by pressing the like button as I wait for your video to load. I suggest others to try it too because all videos by Magnus are lit af

  11. Magnus, your vlogs are great! Just a suggestion, when the time comes you feel burnt out, go ahead and take a break even for a week. A working athlete needs a break to keep things fresh. Enjoy your vlogs and learning so much from you. Take care!

  12. Your quality is always good. Your joy of climbing permeates everything you do and that's what matters! Thank you♡

  13. kind of new to outdoor lead and wondering why (e.g 9:00) you have clips or carabiners or whatever their called attached to your harness

  14. Thanks for answering that question about cleaning up, so you actually have to re climb those super hard routes to clean…Wow!

  15. Great quality, your dj timining/mixing skills are starting to really show through especially with that first fast forward video, really on point.

  16. The first route looked so fun to climb!!!
    Just sad, that I will presumably never climb this grade.
    Great Video! (once again)

  17. We love the quality that you are putting out. The first priority is you enjoying climbing magnus. We enjoy watching you because you enjoy it yourself!

  18. Great shots! Great music and the edit is dynamic and fun to watch. I’m a big fan Stewie too so this is like a icing on the cake.

    Question whats the name of the tune which starts at 8:22 ?

  19. Really enjoy watching your vlogs man get me so psyched and want to climb outside now comp season is over, love seeing you are crushing And the vlogs being in such a beautiful place makes it even better.

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