GTA Online Sessions: Playing Jobs Inspired by Red Dead Redemption

GTA Online Sessions: Playing Jobs Inspired by Red Dead Redemption

In this episode, we play a bunch of very fun fan-made Jobs that were directly inspired by Red Dead Redemption. We’re joined by some of the Jobs’ makers themselves such as TheMckeever, BigSo786 and longtime fan community member (and original RDR voice actress!) CaseytheVA aka Zidane who walk and talk us through their Creations as we play – as well as other special guest players from the GTA community. Make sure you’re subscribed to the Rockstar YouTube channel for future episodes of GTA Online Sessions and to see live broadcasts of future GTA Online action with Rockstar, make sure to follow us on Twitch at

Bookmark the GTA Online Jobs from this episode to play for yourself:
Marston’s Ranch (Team Deathmatch):
Red Dead Race (GTA Race):
Red Dead (Team Deathmatch):
GRAB THE BAG (Capture):
Please note that these particular Jobs are all PS3-only. For some awesome Xbox 360 Jobs inspired by Red Dead, please check out

And also subscribe to our guests who appeared in this episode:
Casey Likes Games:
Venus & Nightmare:
The Liberty Lunatic:
Dirty Worka:

ESRB Rating: MATURE with Intense Violence, Blood and Gore, Nudity, Mature Humor, Strong Language, Strong Sexual Content, Use of Drugs and Alcohol



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  1. I know this is kind of semi-old, but at 1:14ish you can hear a skype sound. I wonder if this is PC gameplay they show for better graphics?

  2. Does anyone in the GTA universe play on xnox one and don't kill everyone you see my name on xb1 is Ch33zyGuy9000 and I'll play with anyone,do jobs, and just hangout


    XxHuskerPowerxX and ocvboy deliberately fabricate reports to PSN and Rockstar to have 'better' gtav players banned..!

    They are in a weak crew called wild warriors2 W1W4

  4. Tipo eu tava aki pensando e tipo a rockstar games poderia fazer GTA V versão guerra versão apocalipse zombi versão online e versão modo história para TDs os consoles da atualidade mas claro envolvendo o Xbox 360 pq nem todos podem comprar um video game tão caro né.
    Já to ate imaginando a rockstar games super rica super milionária 😻😝

  5. Please R* add the new Dukes, Marshall Monster Truck, Stallion, Dodo and everything in GTA V on PS3 and xBox 360 please! 🙁

  6. Guys, I understand they promised heist and a few other things like Apartmenthouse customization etc for a while now. But you can't keep dissing them, I'm sure they are working hard for the upcoming updates and it's a good thing cause they are putting work in it. Imagine if you got heist with a snap of a figure since game release, it would different because we wouldn't have something cool to look after and the anticipation builds. I would take a good quality things over something that's been slapped and glued together last second :).

  7. The game looks awesome and completish,

    But your programmers made the physics HORRENDOUS, retarded checkpoints not like midnight club, most horrendous is having to line the avatar to CLIMB JUMP MELEE,

    It feels like an invisible rectangle that I have to line up. Your physics are the worst since Playstation 1

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