Hanni Kohl – Goreshit


Hanni Kohl – Goreshit


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  1. @Pon3Pocalypse Screamo is not a genre. It's what a punch of 6 year-olds call metal, or anything with "screams" in it. Even though there're not really screams.

  2. The art looks like aborted fetus got on Jerry seinfelds hands and he licked it off and puked it back up again
    And it sounds like watermelons are being pushed into the vocalists anal cavity and then heated to such temperatures they explode inside him
    I love it!

  3. I wasn't to crazy on the vocals. If you can call them that, or the music really, but somehow I find myself still liking this, odd.

  4. everyone, shut up. they have an electric kit for studio, and i've seen them live, thye had a drummer, it was intense.. so all haters, gtfo or get your facts strait

  5. So this is totally random but when I get my own house… Ima buy a Greatdane and name is Hanni Kohl 😉

  6. @EjectedStomach Im not joking. currently they have no drummer, but at one point they did, and he used a triple bass. They even make quadruple bass pedals. Look it up.

  7. @DMY666 i have to argue with you they do have a drummer nao but they obviously dont play that fast live

  8. @DMY666 no. its triple bass. they have a real drummer. thats why all the fast parts are in triplets. no drum machine.

  9. woohooo !!!!! gir…hahahahahaha " my piggy!!!!!! yyyyyy piggy!!!!i loveded u pigggy!!!!!i loveded u!!!!!! hhahahahahahah epic

  10. @MrProgoldi95 wenn ich ehrlich bin, grottenschlecht ;D alle rufen "buh und ihr seid scheiße" und dann wird gesagt, wissen wir xD


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