Happy Sugar Life OP ハピシュガアニメ

Happy Sugar Life OP ハピシュガアニメ

Opening song for the Happy Sugar Life anime.



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  1. Just binge watched the whole show yesterday, watching this op had me happy that I found an anime that seemed so sweet.

    What I got was a good bamboozle

  2. The show is such a good love story! It's sweet, wholesome, and just sets an awesome example about being nice to everyone! i recommend it! This totally isn't sarcastic or anything 🙂

  3. You know the bit where Shio is dancing and there are two hands behind her? I always thought that was because she was being manipulated or used like a puppet.

  4. At fist sight you think its about two friends who would protect eachother no matter what and also love candies. But the real story is way terrifying compared to the opening.

  5. Lot of people says they love the MC but I bet if the MC was a boy and not cute , the will say the MC is hatable x) .

  6. At first I was disgusted and creeped out with the content the anime was showing but then I realised I don't have the right to judge I'm gonna die alone who am I to judge.

  7. Honestly I wish there was some spin off or something to see what shio did after the thing happend at the end of this anime

  8. Me when I first saw the picture of this show: Oh hey look, another cute slice of life! Just what I needed! 😀
    Me after watching the first episode: …………………………….what the hell did I just get myself into.

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