"Harvesting Memories" – Applejack Really WAS Weird…

"Harvesting Memories" – Applejack Really WAS Weird…

When a Clip Show episode has a Montage of all of Applejack’s Weirdest moments throughout the series, it really gives a new perspective on her character…



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  1. Before the series ending I was hoping for the Hasbro to make an episode where they show someone from say one of Jack Nicholson's famous quotes "YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!" As in maybe have an episode where they show that telling the truth may be easy, but facing or accepting the truth is a completely different story.

  2. 1:32 Oh my Celestia… Starlight in Twilight's hairstyle is just my favourite moment of all time XD Just love it

  3. Guys we know that Tara strong will not be in G5. Well since we can tell that Starlight has similar voice or mostly exact voice of Twilight in this episode then I hope Starlight's voice actor will also be the voice actor of Twilight in G5. Right?

  4. ♪ Who's a silly pony?
    On that note, I wish they'd had some of the "AJ is a little tired right now sugarcube…" moments from Applebuck Season. That's what got me into this show in the first place after all.

  5. Lol, when you mentioned Raise this barn, It reminded me of a small pmv I made a bit back (made just a few…I am thinking of making one with a Billie Ellish song… but that is back burner right now.

  6. Yeah i dance to both of Apple jack's songs in this Show.
    Looking forward to part 3 of Red Vs Blue and g5 soon .

  7. I would have liked to see a clip from Applebuck Season, the episode that cemented AJ as my favourite pony. And maybe Castle-mania and Pinkie Apple Pie. I like her dynamic with Dash, and I think a sweet moment where she tells Pinkie she's family could have cut away to where she tells Twilight "And you're family too." I thought it was a little odd how many of these were episodes Twilight wasn't in though, considering how much for the other ponies they stuck to shared interactions between the two. But I enjoyed it. ^_^

  8. I thought Applejack was going to mention her parents to Twilight because she may have never told Twilight about it yet.

  9. A Perfect Pear scene would have been great, as I think it was one of the very well-received episodes by the fandom. However, it might have been little hard to fit in, considering Apple Family Reunion is the more classic Apple Family episode.

  10. Hello Dr. Wolf I just came to give you a new idea of mine for a new therapy session it will be about my favorite two pony musicians Vinyl and Octavia. It's ok if you want to do one of them or both of them it's up to you of course but after you do your next project.

  11. I hope the next clip show will feature moments with the CMC. I do believe we might be able to see what Applebloom, Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo did throughout the series. Since this clip show had a little moment from "Apple Family Reunion" we might see how the CMC have trouphed or failed during the entire series.

  12. I just hope the one featuring both Starlight and Spike are divided up evenly. Not give Spike only a couple minutes, while Starlight gets the rest of the time.

  13. I suppose it's really a case of contrasts. AJ comes off as such a grounded and stable character so much of the time that, when she DOES go weird, it takes us aback. It's like when Pinkie has her unhappy straight-hair scenes. It's so out-of-character that it's just all the more noticeable ?

  14. These clip episodes are absolutely amazing ^_^ They are funny, amusing and memorable ? I think they should make more of them or simply make a season 11 based on it ✨

  15. i personally thought this episode was extremely well done. i think they picked great moments for Applejack and i hope the starlight and spike episode is just as good!

  16. This was a fun episode, I really enjoyed it! In fact, I had forgotten how entertaining AJ can be. And how cool she was when she defeated the chimera. Also Starlight's Twilight impression… that was something funny!

  17. Honestly, this makes me give a little more love to AJ. With how weird she is, I just realized she’s a little more relatable to me.

  18. I predict that the last name of the memory episode is either going to be "Memory of Fire", "Memories Aflame", "A Great Memory In The Sky" (Pink Floyd reference to A Great Gig In The Sky), "Thank You For The Memories" (ABBA reference to Thank You For The Music), "Sweet Memory O' Mine" (Guns N' Roses reference to Sweet Child O' Mine), or Me and Spike the Dragon (Janis Joplin reference to Me and Bobby McGee).

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