Hawa {2003}(HD) – Hindi Full Movie -Tabu – Shahbaz Khan – Hansika Motwani – Popular 2003 Hindi Movie

Hawa {2003}(HD) – Hindi Full Movie -Tabu – Shahbaz Khan – Hansika Motwani – Popular 2003 Hindi Movie
Sanjana is a single mother with two kids who moves to a hillside house as she could not afford a house in the city. However, strange things occur in the house and the surroundings. Sanjana is tortured by an invisible demon. Her dog is possessed and attacks her and Vicky, her younger brother. The plot in which the house is situated has an old well in which tribals used to push criminals as a punishment of death. One night, lightning strikes the well and one soul comes out and haunts Sanjana, her dog, daughters and brother. Will she be able to fight this evil soul and save her family before it’s too late?

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  1. Adha se Jada movie khatam ho gaya,kitna sab kuchh ho gaya, lekin saali kutiya chutiya aurat ko abhi tak samajh m nahi aya ki ghr m bhoot h,ye ha hi maha chutiya actress

  2. Lockdown ka ek faida yeh bhi hai ke bachpan mein jo movies dekhi thi, unko dobara dekh kr bachpan ki yadein taaza ki jaye aur time bhi accha guzarta hn

  3. Wah puri film ma hwa bhoot mze leta rha fre ma or end ma kya huwa 1 lockt se sb khtam??????pehle mil jata to bichari lutti nhi hr dafa

  4. People in India need to know that the superstition of "ghosts," and "witches" is a Western concept, especially Judeo-Christian concept. There was no concept of ghosts and witches in Pauranik and Vedic time. Do not mistake the western concept of ghosts to be "bhoot, pichas" in Hinduism. Bhoot, Pichas were the devotees of Lord Shiva. Their translation is not ghosts and witches. With Muslim and English people enslaving India for over a thousand years, it slowly entered the Indian culture.

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