“HIPS DON'T LIE” ⌐a powerful subliminal for wide hips (Calm Version)

“HIPS DON'T LIE” ⌐a powerful subliminal for wide hips (Calm Version)

HIPS DON’T LIE” ⌐a powerful subliminal for wide hips ☆ I made this one last midnight up until 12nn. it took me hours to finish this one. AND I’m so excited to …

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  1. Your subs are wonder, I've a request to make one for extreme weight loss fastest with fastest metabolism

  2. I hope this helps with my inverted triangle, i have faith this sub will work…Sadly i need to finish up with my current playlist but this is for sure next?✌?

  3. Oh my gaawwdddd your sub is amazing….I feel the tingles!! can you make one for thick lower body
    ~gain weight in ass , thighs and calves, also wide hips …..I’d also love a get shorter sub?

  4. omg this is crazy fast ! last week i massured around 98~99 and i checked after listening to this for an hour and its 101 cm!
    cant wait for your white skin sub sksksk i never had this instant results ive been listening to subs since 2017 ah im so happy

  5. Hey, if u do requests I would appreciate so much if you did a Cindy Kimberly look alike, calm version and please without eye color or hair texture affs. If u can’t that’s fine, it just a request❤️❤️❤️

  6. If you can ever get free to make new subs
    Then please think of making a permanent lip blushing treatment subliminal
    For the color you can write desired shade since everyone have different taste

    My preferred color is apricot blush
    If you don't know what is lip blushing treatment then it's actually more like a lip tattoo or more like semi permanent lipstick that stays there even after any rubs or washing for 1-2 years

    I can send you some pictures how they look like
    Also it'll be so good if you include lip color correction too first for those who have dark or pigmented lips cause then the desired lip color will be more prominent

  7. hi i know requests can be pressuring sometimes so don’t feel like ur being forced to i’m just asking nicely if you would consider making a narrow shoulder or thin ribcage sub?idk??you don’t have to ofc!!Btw ur subs r so strong everytime i listen i feel something’s its insane?

  8. Please do subliminal to have big and firm breasts. I have a flat chest and it lowers my self-esteem a lot. I loved your channel and hope you read my suggestion.

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