Hoarders: Mary’s House is Overflowing with $200,000 Worth of Stuff – Full Episode (S3, E18) | A&E

Hoarders: Mary’s House is Overflowing with $200,000 Worth of Stuff – Full Episode (S3, E18) | A&E

Like Hoarders? Check out full episodes of Born Behind Bars in this playlist!

Mary has blown through over $200,000 of an inheritance buying items for the consignment shop she owns in Season 3, Episode 18. #Hoarders
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In Hoarders, professionals try to help people who compulsively hoard possessions.

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  1. Like Hoarders? Check out full episodes of Born Behind Bars in this playlist!

  2. What is Mary's business background? I don't have a business degree, but I've worked enough years doing inventories at various businesses to know that anyone who doesn't do an annual inventory is headed for bankruptcy.

  3. To be fair, I don't blame Angel at all. She didn't just start hoarding a day before Hoarders showed up, he's been dealing with it for years and stayed with her. Hoarders was probably his lifeline, something he saw as his light at the end of the tunnel FINALLY someone was there to force her to move past her illness and he frantically wanted to grasp that opportunity for the sake of his own peace of mind because he KNEW she wasn't going to budge once the cameras were gone….and he was CORRECT 100%. I wish they would have been there to help him as well….not just her. Hoarding affects everyone involved.

  4. Marry's house is overflowing with $0 worth of stuff.
    If I saw a $20 laying on the ground in that house I wouldn't even pick it up. Torch the place.

  5. I am glad that Mary's daughter can go and stay down the street with her father. At least that hoarded house is not a constant in her daily life. And Angel can spend time at his daughter's house to get away from the mess his wife has made in their house. But I wish the situation were much better for them.

  6. Letting a hoarder be in control of the clean-up is like letting a drug addict be in charge of their own intervention.

  7. Mary could've used the stock at home for bi-weekly or monthly yard sales or an online shop. Sell on Etsy. Why do they take so much of her stock when her hoard was so obviously different than most?
    I grew up in a hoarding family both immediate and extended on both sides & it got to the point I no longer visit or even talk to most of my family. I refuse to live this way & having a physical disability I refuse to endanger myself in their homes where not one has homeowners insurance. We've lost 2 family members in fires because their hoarded houses went up so quickly and they were trapped inside. Even with all that I can see how her situation could have been handled differently.

  8. How did that consignment shop stay open like that? There's a lot of junk stores that look like that where my grandma lives and I've never understood how the fire marshal doesn't close these places.

  9. he is a big part of her issue, if she was happy she wouldnt need the stuff. but she needs to put herself and kids first so she can be happy and not stuff too

  10. Now a consignment shop is where when something sells you pay the owner a certain percentage. Yet she goes out to buy stuff to replenish stock. Or does consignment shop mean something else where she lives?
    So how do her clients feel that she is throwing away their stuff?
    I really hope for her daughters sake she get a d keeps her house clean and saves her business.
    An organizer should teach her how to rotate her stock by seasons. Just like a main retail store. When summer is almost over you put out fall stuff and continue that cycle.

    My mom is a hoarder of clothes. I taught her that at the beginning of a season you hang all your clothes the right way on the hanger. Then when you wear it,wash it and hang it back you hang the hanger the opposite way. That way you see what you wear during that season. If you repeat wearing the same stuff then you have no need to hold on to all the other clothes.

  11. Sounds like she bought the consignment shop as an excuse to shop. I mean it doesn't look like she's done much research on what people are looking for. She has high heel shoes that are a womens size 10-12. The most common womens shoes are 6-8, maybe 9. And she has no room or sense to rotate items to get stuff sold. If she rotated items she could sell things faster. If it's been on the rack for more than 3 months of that season it's time to get it out. Donate it. It will help your taxes as a write-off as a loss or your expenses you can deduct.

  12. poor girl’s jaw is so misplaced. if her mom doesnt act soon, her lips and gums will dry out terribly and cause her soo many health issues. i dont know if you guys remember Nichole337 on youtube… she had the same issue and had surgery in her late 20s so all hope isnt lost, but she needs to get jaw surgery ASAP.

  13. I love how the daughter just drags people on living asstaince to compair it to her mothers house.
    Like just cause you're on housing assistance doesnt make you a trashy messy person.

  14. Mary and Mary Ann: find two other hobbies, preferably anything that involves other people. Make it your mission to spend as much time with other people. Meditate 3 times a day or take 3 cold showers a day as you meditate: "stop buying, stop buying, stop buying."

  15. I’m just curious, has anyone ever seen a hoarders episode were the hoarder was completely compliant?

  16. those hoarders should have the joy to have a huge garage sale that would last at least a month ,
    the house would get cleaned out and she would get some of her money back

  17. It is not a mental issue it is a demonic issue. Delivetance fadting and prayer. It can also be witchcraft.

  18. @42:08 “only angels room & basement has been cleaned “
    because HES INVESTED IN LIVING NORMAL & cooperating and HIS SELFISH CENTERED AROUND HER SELFISH UN-LOVING if her husbands feelings SELF!! this comment is from re-covered hoarder who chose to KEEP her husband BY GETTING RID of THINGS!!

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