How To Find Out If You Are Lesbian, Bi or Straight | Our Best Advice

How To Find Out If You Are Lesbian, Bi or Straight | Our Best Advice

So are you a lesbian? Bi? Straight? Figuring our your sexual orientation can be very confusing, and difficult. Even those of us who are queer and”out and proud” now, we’ve all gone through the process and struggle of it. So in this video we are sharing our stories of our experiences, and give you some advice that we would have liked to hear along the way.
How do you know if you’re gay, bi, lesbian, queer etc or straight?
How can you learn to accept your sexuality?
What if I’ve never had any same-sex experiences?
What if I don’t know anyone gay around me?

Just remember, it’s all a process, and we each have our own unique way of going through this. We’re all a part of the same community, so this unites us all. Whatever your sexual/romantic preference may be, it’s who you are and there’s nothing wrong with it, and nothing “abnormal” about it.

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  1. What was this process like for you? Did you struggle or was it easy? What was the most difficult thing for you? ❤

  2. Help me I think boys are hot and cute but I find myself having crushes on girls… I loved a girl at school but like cannot and is kinda disgusted by the idea of kissing girls. I don't really want to be gay due to my religion and stuff but if that's who I am then I'll accept. What do you think I am?

  3. My problem is that everybody tells me that I look so young so I think that I’m to young to be attracted to girls and I always think I’m to ugly to be lesbian or bi I just think I’m to ugly for girls and I don’t finde the masculine girls attractive even tho everyone else does so just feel like when I’m not attracted to certain girls I’m not lesbian or bi so I just tell myself I’m straight and then after 4-6 months I think about it again if I’m bi or lesbian and it’s just so confusing I also tell myself that I just find girls cute and I’m not even into girls I can’t explain it ughhh 🙁

  4. Aw thanks this helps I’m only fifteen and I don’t have a clue if I’m lesbian or bisexual. I’m confused

  5. I am attracted to some dudes and some girls but my type for girls is VERY specific kind of but the thought of marrying a girl makes me happy and the thought of marrying a guy idk feels plain but good ? Is the only way I can describe it and soemtimes I’ll look at a girl and I will CRY because she’s so pretty but then I’m confused becuse I see a guy and I’m like oooh yes hot but then the thought of doing IT with a dude grosses me out some days but on other days the thought of doing IT with a girl also grosses me out so let me tell u I am confuuused lmao. Sorry that was so long but I can’t describe it to ppl I know because they don’t understand. Help :/

  6. I feel like it would be a lot easier to be lesbian or straight cause it's like, oh I only like girls or oh I only like guys, but if you like both it almost like am I actually straight/gay? Or do I just appreciate the other sex?

  7. So.. I've been in several relationships with guys but recently found out that I might like girls. I mean, now I see a girl that I think is attractive and suddenly imagine myself kissing her?? Like idk wth but I just do lmao. Thing is I've never kissed a girl.. soo yeah. Also my parents aren't very accepting but idrc, I care about what my friends would think if they saw me kissing a girl bc it's not very "me" or whatever. I'm not dating anyone rn, there's a guy that I like and he likes me back but he discovered that a friend of mine was bisexual and told me that he was "scared" of them?? He's from a german family tho, so I would expect that, it just hurt me a little bit.. I told him that I could be bi too and he got a little "masculine" and told me that he was afraid I might fall in love with a girl an leave him, then I told him that I don't like every girl I see. His response? "then you're not bi, genius". I stoped talking to him after that. Idk what to do now.

  8. I am a girl. I feel like a man (?!). But I am mostly attracted to men who have feminine features. I really don't know what to tell my mind about my sexuality.

  9. I’m struggling because I think I’m pan but recently I have been questioning and realizing I may be a lesbian. I really hope to figure it all out soon! ?️‍?

  10. this is rly helpful but im in my contry nowing this at my age is not allowed so i have to subribe and block ur vids. Still i will try to catch up if there's more vids. ;w;

  11. So i’m almost 13 and I feel like I might be gay. I have had a few bf and have cuddled w them and now that I think abt it I didn’t rly feel much. Like I can find a guy attractive, but not in a sexual way and I don’t want a relationship w a guy. But i’m afraid if I come out some girls won’t wanna be my friend bc they think I will hit on them or something. and there’s obv more straight ppl in the world so i’m also scared I won’t find a gf and I will be alone. So I dunno, bc I know i’m definitely not straight, and I might be lesbian but i’m just afraid of the consequences of coming out. also me
    and my friends got drunk one time and we’re making out w each other ( my female friends) and me and my friend were making out and after the or deal I thought it was gross but now I think it kinda aroused me ig like I would like it to happen again. but my fam is trump supporters (my moms side, my mom isn’t and neither is my grandma which I am very close
    to both of them, but my aunts and uncles r) i’m afraid they will judge me

  12. Alrighty, I am about to be 43, have 2 kids, married, not happily at all. Pretty miserable actually. I have kissed girls, had a threesome while drunk with a married couple, but never had a connection one on one with a girl. I always wonder what it would be like, if I would feel comfortable, am I too old to start and missed my chance? Too many what ifs and no where to start. No close lesbian friends, husbands keeps me on a short leash and the only gay bar I know of is men dressed as woman. Naturally I live in a tiny town. The first time I ever watched "below her mouth", I was obsessed watching it every chance I could. I have seen the title blue is the warmest color and will be watching it soon. I feel like it's too late for me, really. I have no way to test the waters, no lesbian female friends and why would they be into me?

  13. Amazing. Can you imagine a fifty year old woman getting her best advice and moral support from such wonderful young ladies who are half her age and experience??

  14. I think boys are cute and all but I can’t imagine myself doing anything sexual with a boy (if anything it grosses me out)..girls on the other hand..
    So yea,I’ve got no clue if I’m bi or lesbian

  15. I absolutely love you guys!❤ I really need some support and dont really know what's up so this was amazing to see.

  16. i’ve realized a lot from this video. i’m bi but i like the label lesbian bc it’s less to explain to people. but i don’t need to label myself. i just like girls more than guys. i’m not bi. i’m not gay. i’m cadrian.

  17. Love your videos . Thank you… i seem to think a lot of folks busy getting themselves a label. What ever you decide you are great as you are and there is support here x

  18. I like boys but just want to settle and have commit relationship with him but there r boys who says as if I turn in to lesbian just because I do not sleep with them and do not do as, they say so, tht does, it makes, me a lesbian

  19. Okay, so i'm kinda confused because for the majority of my life, I've been sexually and romantically attracted to males. But just a couple of years ago i was in this situation where I decided that I was bi, without even fully understanding what it meant, and even the LGBTQ+ community (labels, feelings, etc.) From then on, it was like I decided to like girls too and for some reason that makes me uncomfortable now because it seems like i've forced a label upon myself without fully understanding it or actually feeling it. When I see females, I cannot determine whether I feel sexually or romantically attracted to them. I feel like i've been lying to myself for these past couple of years, and lying to everyone else i've told that i was bi.

  20. I have a crush on my bestie. But idk if she is lesbian. And well I dont want to ruin our friendship. ☹️

  21. i am a girl, i have liked girls for over a year and have started to come out to people. i have never done anything with a girl or been with a girl and now i feel like i shouldn't have come out 🙁 <3

  22. I dont know what i am but my yoga teacher is lesbian and most of my friends in it are pan and bi and i dont know what s going on

  23. The sucky thing was I was in a friend group that seemed really accepting, but then when me and my gf broke up they all started calling my homophobic and names (and a few of them were trans and make fun of other trans people calling them lesbians and whatnot, and would attack other people who were in the lgbtq community). It made me feel really bad and made me think I was homophobic and transphobic even though I like women and support transgender community, because I simply just see people as people and like them no matter what. :/

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