How To Know If A Girl Is A Lesbian (OFFICIAL SONG)


How To Know If A Girl Is A Lesbian (OFFICIAL SONG)

So I actually DO get a lot of questions asking how to tell if a girl is gay, however this is clearly just a joke, because there is no real answer! I asked you guys for hints or characteristics that would make you think a girl is a lesbian and these lyrics were some of the answers I received! These are just some cliches, but of course there is no actual way to tell because sexual orientation doesn’t define how anyone looks or acts. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the song!
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Thank you to my best friend, Danny, for filming it!
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  1. I remember searching how to tell if a girl is lesbian a few years ago before my gaydar unlocked.

  2. Who is Ally's ex that's in this video? I feel like I remember her name being Hannah or something like that

  3. I seriously looked up "how to lesbian" and got this. Wonderful!

    Lmao I'm lonely

  4. "Yeah… she's probably a lesbian!"

    I've been telling myself that for years and all I'm getting are girls who are hella hot, loved by all the guys, and straight as a line.

  5. "If her closest is full of snap backs"
    This isnt normal?
    (Where are my fellow butch pansexuals at?)

  6. I came out by asking to play hide n seek with my family. They agreed and said that we could. I was hiding first and I hid in the closet and I said "I'm coming out now," my mum said ok and I said" I'm bi "and she was like "not what I expected but ok" and I used it on extended family too

  7. Okay… But I'm not lesbian I just have low self esteem and those are the safest things for me to do without feeling under pressure of the societal sexualization of femininity… it's like… When women first started wearing jeans, sort of😂. No wonder people think I'm into chicks😂 hilarious song though😂🤙🏼 sick

  8. Lol meeee but also currently in a relationship with a dude😂 is there a song for pan?

  9. Who else is bullied at school over being lesbian and told your to young to make that decision like mother fuckers i am plenty old enough i mean i am young but im old enough to say what gender i like but i guess thats my opinion (btw im 11 and my mom doesnt know that im lesbian cause im afraid she will hate me) and dont go and reply saying shit like "oh you are to young to make those decisions" cause im not

  10. In the beginning of every school year I look around my classroom and play "find the other gays" Basically I'll look around and see if anyone else might be gay

  11. I’m watching this and trying to sing along and can’t keep from smiling and laughing (I’m straight at least I thought I was not so sure now I’m watching this casue I’m questioning myself I think my reaction to this is helping me decide). Edit: I’m starting to think I’m bi at least that is what I will say if I am and do come out I’ve never dated anyone so I’m not sure if I also may like boys


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