How To Look Great At Any Age | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network


How To Look Great At Any Age | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network

The experts weigh in on how to dress great at every age: Stacy London, host of TLC’s “Fashionably Late” and “What Not to Wear,” Lloyd Boston, author of “Before You Put That On” and Charla Krupp, author of “How Not To Look Old.” For more on #oprahwinfreyshow, visit

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How To Look Great At Any Age | The Oprah Winfrey Show | Oprah Winfrey Network




  1. I'm sorry but Ms. Krupp is not correct. Sneakers are NOT just for running. In fact sneakers are NOT for running at all. There are special SHOES for running, for walking, and others are for fashion wearing. This may just be my statement but it is the law for me. I will continue to wear comfortable clothing as I see fit not by someone else's standard.

  2. The thing is do Dress for your Body Type and personality. This whole dressing for your age concept makes women look older than their age.

    This shows age limits are not necessary. Its an 80 year old body builder in a bikini! And she looks fabulous! So yes I can still wear a wedding dress in my 40’s so there! I think if it looks good and fits go for it , as long as not inappropriate and it is stylish. 30 year olds may look great in juniors clothes but they look immature. They are too focused on this age that age. It makes me feel depressed. Also those clothes are out of most of our budget-maybe 200-300 dollar outfits not 5000!!

  4. The mom wearing the Bongo jeans and the teal top would be considered stylish nowadays, goes to show how fickle fashion is.

  5. Wow! I'm 58 and I think I have a great sense of taste for fashion. This OWN show is refreshing my views and confirms some of my inner feelings about myself and my look. Thank you!

  6. I will be ashamed to say I am a dress stylist if I could come up with these choice of clothing!
    It looks ugly and definitely lacks style! Ridiculous choices!
    Who recommended these 3 stylists again? Lol

  7. I really like this, I’m in my 40’s., Thanks Oprah.. I’m familiar with the guy on the panel, and What not to wear host as well😊

  8. I don't like that! All looks great, but not an every day look! And so high priced! I'd never be able to buy one of that peaces!!! And l'd be bad and mad woaring that bright and uncomfortable belts there! And: They all had to lose there wonderful hair and kosmetic so much! High heels ? Never ever! The chokolate brown/grey thing was ok!

  9. At every age? Some of us are in our 70's and not thin thin. We still care what we look like. Are we invisible?

  10. The best way to look nice is to be a nice person. Oprah could take a lesson from what she preaches. Her heart is not with her pocketbook and her phony do-gooder behavior.

  11. What you did not say you need plastic surgery plus filers .and army of people to help you .Than you need Tera pest . Lory load of money .
    But if you are over 40 and fat forget it . Some of your dresses 👗 look like dressing for bed . Than wether cold ,rain winds snow ,ice .
    Yapping clapping is enough to make me ill 😷 and unable to go to work .God help you if you think that 38 old .I forgot you need chopper work
    To hell with you all and your ideas .😱

  12. Dear Oprah, you're a guardian angel to women and what FUN you make for so many! My mother adored you before I knew who you were. Blessings galore! <3

  13. Growing older every year means we have made it and God has blessed us to gain more experience which one can share with younger generation and need to look more confident and attractive to younger generation.

  14. I’m in my 70s and would wear the 30s outfits and look good. The 60s outfits look very mature 😏

  15. Are they improved…without a doubt. Are they practical for everyday…as Oprah said sardonically.. No!
    And sadly Charla died in 2012…maybe why she had those horsey teeth in due to chemo. RIP CK…dressing them up on the other side.

  16. STYLE is not an age. Gosh…I am 62 and I never dress for socially constructed ideas..I do style myself based on my creative artistry, life interests, and cultural DNA ties … always.

  17. You can wear whatever the HELL YOU WANT AT ANY AGE! As long as YOU like it, and you’re comfortable with it. Make YOUR OWN DAMN RULES!

  18. Christian Louboutin start at 500 € ! Not everyone ,especially with kids to raise,can afford that .Lot of women dont lack class but cash

  19. What would you wear if you have a tummy you want to hide? I keep seeing lady's all skinny!!??


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