How-To: Make A BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich At Home

How-To: Make A BBQ Pork Belly Sandwich At Home

Daniel Delaney—founder of Delaney Barbecue and Delaney Chicken in New York— invites us into his kitchen to show us how to make the ultimate summer lunch. Daniel teaches us how to make a smooth bourbon lemonade that we’re sure to be drinking all summer long and walks us through the steps of smoking pork belly. Once the bacon is ready, Delaney shows us how to assemble a sandwich with homemade pickles and tomato jam. Paired with some slaw, this sandwich is sure to raise the stakes for your summer BBQ’s.

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  1. Bro. Im pretty confident i can make that without having to jump cut 12 times and wait a fucking month guy

  2. 10:00 how to create your own botulism experiment. My man you’ve never cooked seriously in your life. We call your type misfits. Go back to square one. Matty must hate you and your nasty red cabbage.


    He makes it so unappealing to make this shit yourself that you say fuck it and just buy it from him

  4. Not really what I'd call a perfect sandwich. Not even a nice sandwich in my eyes. But each to their own.

  5. I could make a better sandwich stoned with 15$ in my pocket on a Thursday night. Take me to the supermarket and I'll cook you the best food ever.

  6. So on top of everything else everyone has already pointed out, I'm forced to ask where the lettuce is. Is he aware of what BLT stands for?

  7. I feel a bit bad for this guy getting so roasted in the comments… In my opinion, everything looked super tasty, the issue was the way he pitched it. What he should have done is introduced the video as"how to make your own bacon" or something like that, mentioning that it's a bit time-consuming and that you'll need some equipment, but it can be fun to do as a little project if you're into cooking. Then, when the meat is done, he could casually have shown the sandwich as an example of what you could use your cured meat for, instead of making the whole video lead up to it. With that said, I'm sure he's a great chef and all, but this performance was not great. Better luck next time!

  8. I’m sorry but that’s too long of a process. What person really has days just to make a sandwich?

  9. I mean, it looks amazing, but "executable at home?" Sure, if you build a cold smoker, have an immersion circulator, and can salt cure for over a week.

    Well shit, if I had all that I'd have myself a god dammed restaurant.

  10. There's no drink or food made without sugar in America. They add sugar even to sugar.

  11. I found myself really irrationally angry that he apparently felt the need to wear a glove when handling the garlic. Fucking garlic? Seriously?

  12. WAY TOO MUCH FUCKING WORK WTF!?!? You make EVERYTHING ELSE FROM SCRATCH, then you use store bought bread!? The Easiest part of this?!?

  13. You watch this video and you'll see why this idiot had three restaurants in NYC and all of them closed down. Dude doesn't have the attention span or the toughness to run a restaurant.

  14. Dude…….if the cook time itself is gonna take 10-12 hours……you might as well just barbeque it……it'll be smoky without all the fancy techniques. If someone doesn't have BBQs theeeeeen idk man, just make a regular sandwich…….10 days prep time is crazy for a damn sandwich..

  15. 2 years late, but this was in my recommended and he said we’re gonna add water to this cocktail, but before he got to say tail, an ad came up.

  16. i refuse to wait that long to make a damn BLT. Im over here buying already cooked bacon from king soopers and shit. lmao.

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