How To Make A Butt Lifter

How To Make A Butt Lifter

different Fabrics give different results.Use a fabric that is tight but stretches(elastic ) for better results.
DON’T USE GIRDLE because it’s fabric is not elastic.

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  1. Y'all irritating as hell, wearing shape wear doesn't mean you're fake or "false advertisement". It's embracing what you got! And some mf had the nerve to say, "are black people just that broke?" No but we and all people wanna save money of we can, why spend money when you can just make it and the results are just as good

  2. I'm definitely gonna cut one of my panties and make this. I'm working out to get my butt back but if you ever workout you know it's a slow process. Gonna try this for a special occasion

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  4. ❤️🙌🏾😭Praise GAWD for this video!! Lol, I needed this Sis’! 👏🏾👏🏾👌🏾

  5. الله يلعنكم علابيها ربي سبحانو راه يبعتلنى غير المرض العجيب ( الكورونا …..) لالا زيدي نحي السروال خير اتفووو عليكم خمجتو الدنيا 😞😷😷😷

  6. 😂 like tha hell why didn't I thought about this. Thanks a lot and we don't need no hatters here. Creativity is what made butt shapwear in the first place. #savingmoneywisly

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  8. Вы прекрасны, если вы ищете длинный и толстый жезл, я в ожидании

  9. You can buy this exact cut up holes shorts on amazon for $9.99. But yea she alrdy got some booty to begin with. However it do make it look more round

  10. Fuck all the haters, period. Don't like it get the fuck outta here vayanse alaferga….. If you wanna try then go for it sino igual da.. Fuck pinche gente metiche, i have a big booty so ima try it i bet this will work better rhen the one i paid $$ for. Thanks for sharing

  11. Um I would wear it but what if someone says “your faking it” ugh like exposing me. That’s so scary bruh. Idc tho lol, but where can I buy those

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