*How to make the friendship bracelets- flip flop zigzag*


*How to make the friendship bracelets- flip flop zigzag*

Hello, this is the flip flop zig zag bracelet, I hope you enjoy the bracelet

written instructions- there really aren’t any because you can make up how many colors you want and how many string you want.

The only thing that I can help yoiu with is the length of string, unfortunately this bracelet consumes more string than other bracelets so make you bracelet string around 50- 65 inches to be safe

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  1. Thank you ill get Instagram just to follow you and thank you so so much for replying.Thank You

  2. Thank you:) and you can use how ever many colors you would like 🙂 follow me on Instagram for updates @braceletboi01 thanks for your support

  3. This is so beautiful. I'm going to start this one today. The color combo is really good.How do you decide on the colors for your bracelets?

  4. cant understadn the steps please withe them down or somthin… i want to make one like this one !!! <3

  5. i cant understand the steps please please write the steps bec. it look really aswsome 🙂


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