How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger In MINUTES! BIG Secret For a BIG BUTT –

How to Make Your Butt Look Bigger In MINUTES! BIG Secret For a BIG BUTT –

How to get a bigger butt in literally minutes! Easy, Safe and reliable! Come check out how we transformed our butts in minutes!

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Are you wondering how to get a bigger butt? or how to make your butt look big? well this makes your butt look big and it does not look fake either.. well when used within reason! Butt Pads? Do they work? Do they fall out? Feel fake? We tell all. We show you how to use Butt Pads and show you the fastest way to get a bigger butt and it’s cheap too! Don’t get injections and DO workout but until you make it.. why not fake it? There are many ways to get a bigger bum and we’ve all seen and heard about them, but they take to look and I want a bigger butt tonight so this is a better and much faster option! When you want to know how to make your buttocks look bigger you can spend countless hours researching exercises and doing tons of squats but that won’t give you a better butt by an event you need to attend tonight!

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That’s why if you want to make your buttocks LOOK bigger and get a bigger buttocks fast and a big butt in MINUTES then this is the to go way to do it, don’t be scared, it’s a novelty and it actually does work! We would not recommend butt pads everyday but for the date or event you have tonight or later this week it’s definitely a great butt trick to add to the list of how to get a bigger booty!

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#justtryit !! — get your own butt pads!

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  1. Love how you put the butt pads in your bra . You both look naturally pretty. You don't need them but I think it just personal preference. You both look amazing

  2. I somehow missed a notification for this vid, but am glad I found it as I had a rollicking good time with you two. Blessings, Bella.

  3. I saw your interview with Roberto Blake. You are without a doubt a success story and HILARIOUS! I hope to be on both your levels lol. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. I know one thing ….if I take a girl home from the club/bar because her nice juicy ass caught my eye and she takes her pants off and she has that on …I'm kicking her out and suing for false advertisement

  5. Cute video!! You both had me laughing, you 2 are so awesome together, loved you both laughing and that slap-push scene..adorable twosome?

  6. I love this ??? I would wear the pads but no way I'm putting the granny panties on my body! I love you so much Kimbyrleigha. I'll subscribe to your sister channel. Shhh don't tell anyone but you're my favorite ❤️❤️❤️ ???

  7. Hahahaha I loved this video, I lost it when you fell ? Trust me, you don't need any buttpads because your body is already amazing! Btw your t-shirt is great ?

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