||I Changed for you||Hard Boy||MHA music video|| Gacha||


||I Changed for you||Hard Boy||MHA music video|| Gacha||


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  1. It’s a short one! Also There was only one person who guessed the song right lol 😂 You guys didn’t expect this song 😁

  2. Fun Fact of the Day because why n0t : Toga would probably avoid hurting Uraraka in Battle due to her Crush on her— THAT’S RIGHT TOGA IS A BISEXUAL BABY

  3. i expected deku to sing the song but when i saw bakugo sing i was like oh wow. love the vid

  4. Excuse me?!- I would never hang out with Katsuki- I’d rather be a villain..- I mean yeah- I had a crush on him..but he’s just rude…

  5. Me watching this an hour later because when it was posted I was stranded in the middle of a hiking trail: Goddangit!

  6. 1, this was AMAZING
    2, This was amazing
    3, this was AMAZING
    4, this was AMAZING
    5, this was AMAZING
    Ok sorry but this was so amazing can you learn me once how to make videos this good? Atleast if you want XD if you can can you join my discord server if you have discord atleast XD this is my discord link: https://discord.gg/h7vQg7 thanks btw if you read this!

  7. I was laughing at toga at the end and when they kissed i was like something bad is gonna happen in the next vid :/

  8. Im late but i have a qiestion i have a yt channel and i dont get how you put the tik tok on the screen while their reacting to it


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