I found my wife's HEAD HAIR in my BUTT CRACK!!


I found my wife's HEAD HAIR in my BUTT CRACK!!

A woman sheds 30-100 strands of hair a day..those hairs can end up in some ODD places..including a man’s ball satchel, booty crack, and taint!

source: https://blogtruyenhinhfpt.com/

More: https://blogtruyenhinhfpt.com/global/


  1. My dad just laid tile in the house instead, got rid of the vacuum problem forrrrever hahahahaha

  2. Hilarious because it’s all TRUE!
    I like option #2, hahahahaha!
    I was changing my 1st born son’s diaper one time and saw one of my wife’s hairs stuck to his butt cheek. As I pulled it off, I realized it was coming OUT of his anus! This happened again with our second son. My wife’s hair is EVERYWHERE!

  3. Me and my husband both have long hair. He can’t just blame me for whatever he finds in his crevices!

  4. Hey, I will shave my long head hair if my husband starts cleaning out the drain from all his body hair, etc.

  5. Omg this shit has me crying laughing for realz

    Hairoglypichs is a real thing too, me , my mom & sis all do it 😂


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