I Took Maca Root For 1 Mo & This Happened – SIDE EFFECTS (Bigger Boobs, High Libido, Missed ??!)

I Took Maca Root For 1 Mo & This Happened – SIDE EFFECTS (Bigger Boobs, High Libido, Missed ??!)


I hope you guys enjoyed this I Took Maca Root For 1 Mo & This Is What Happened – WARNING: Side Effects (Bigger Boobs & Butt, Increased Libido, Missed Cycle?!) video! Please make sure to comment, like, and subscribe. Also leave any request down below. If I forgot to answer any questions just ask in the comment section and i will try to answer them. Love you ?

*Before maca*
Start weight 128
Boob 32”
Butt 37”
Waist 27”
Arm 10”
Thigh 22”

*After Maca*
End weight 132
Boob 34“
Butt 39”
Waist 26”
Arm 10”
Thigh 23”

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  1. In the video I said maca root messes up your hormones what I meant is that it just messes with your hormones not mess them up, sorry for the confusion.

  2. I’m drinking the raw powder with smoothie but I’m not working out, is that okay or do I have to work out ?

  3. If you miss your period it’s not necessarily a bad thing, doesn’t just automatically mean your infertile… I used to have about 3-4 periods a year and easily had two babies in two years… nice video I’m starting red raw premium maçã root and posting too. Hope your journey goes well

  4. does it gain in the right places where you workout? cause im worried it might go to my arms i already have a flabby arms :///

  5. So basically you don't know if this product did anything for you everything you named you said you're not sure about you not even sure if it made your breast big your not sure if it made your libido go up your not sure if it helped you not stress gurl why make this video it should be called I don't know and why is your old ass tryna talk like a baby

  6. Hey I love your hair !! What are these called ?? And if hair is needed what hair would I need please ??

  7. Hey love?, I want to find out if Maca a root helps you gain weight or increase appetite. Or does it do both? And is it better to take the pills or the powder?

  8. I just started to take maca powder cuz of health benefits and it contains B12 which I need cuz I am vegan. I don't want to gain weight.. Can someone pls explain how do you gain weight with that?

  9. I just want to say that from a professional stand point, Maca Root does interfere with you hormones only to correct it. There are alot of processed foods, medicines, surgical procedures, and lack of nutrients that cause female hormones to go out of wack. If anyone has concerns about trying this, consult a Endocrinologist or gynecologist. Not an Obstetrician; different expertise and specialties, and some specialists do not have good patient rapport, unless they have referred patients to Urogynecologists.

  10. im 16 and i have the implant birth control and im taking a supplement that has maca root in it, will this increase my chances getting pregnant if i dont use protection?

  11. Girl within 5 seconds of starting this video, I said out loud to myself: "oh my god, this is one of the most beautiful women that I've ever seen". Lovely video ?

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