I Wish I was Ten


I Wish I was Ten

I wish i was ten
being happy with no sense
All world being my friend
I wish i was ten

I wish i was an octopus
could huge 10 friend at time
I wish i was a clock
freeze all the good Vibes

I wich i was the fastest thing alive
just accelerate
my life would be great
Just driving

I wish i was a Rocker
Screaming in a hill
Doing nothing all day long
just sitting still

I Wish I Was Someone Better
just for one day
i wish she was alive
You saved me
I wish I could have saved you
But I’m only strong enough to save myself

But now everything is different
I kind of learned that we never return to what it was before
My only wish is to live longer
But Be carefull what you wishfor
you cant always get what yoiu want

I wish i was ten

Autor: JPereira

source: https://blogtruyenhinhfpt.com/

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