In Seasickness and in Health


In Seasickness and in Health

Four pairs of newlyweds make the most of their honeymoon with a romantic catamaran trip, while one couple remains on shore to heal their fractured marriage. But despite sunny skies, there are rough seas ahead for two pairs of stranger spouses.




  1. Natalie should just enjoy herself the next 7 weeks and tolerate Zac. Zac loves only himself and is hopeless. Stay strong, Natalie. You are a winner.

  2. Why do zach feel the need to keep telling the guys that he doesn't find mindy attractive. And why does he feel the need to tell mindy every 5 minutes that he's not attractive to her

  3. I like that Meka was honest about her feelings. I wish Taylor would realize her husband is a sissy girl. Mindy needs to throw in the Towel with zach

  4. I'm sorry, but zach is not as good looking as he may think. His hair is really his best feature, the rest is average at best

  5. Zach: "I just genuinely forget to out on jewelry" …. Puts hand on face …not only does he have on a watch but a bracelet too hahahahahahaha #CLASSIC

  6. Uh Oh, Meka may be a lil' crazy. But not on par with Brandon, I see now why people have been thinking he has a chemical imbalance

  7. Brandon seems down to earth. I think he is comfortable in his own skin but he is TRYING.

  8. Brandon: "I'm a very private person"… Me: "I'm literally watching you on my Lifetime App right now."


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