ING Bank Instant Payments. Ripple and China. Binance XRP Base Currency. XRP Game

ING Bank Instant Payments. Ripple and China. Binance XRP Base Currency. XRP Game

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  1. Here’s the bottom line guys…the 2017 bull run will be so FUCKING INSIGNIFICANT compared to what is coming that we will look at the gains we made last year and say “we were so small time, why did we even sell then??”….the NYSE is coming…that’s a trillion $$ market, the LARGEST banking institutions in the world are tripping over themselves to get into crypto first…stock markets all over the world are chasing the rabbit….all I have to say…is buy as much of the top ten coins as you can…because when is FUCKING TIDAL WAVE OF CAPITAL touches shore….we’re gonna be BLOWN AWAY by the gains…we won’t even be able to comprehend what is happening because we’ll all be crying with joy!!!!

  2. Heavens to Betsy! How much I like ZILLIQA token. I want to invest all my savings in it! And they still have a liberal airdrop on

  3. Mass adaption is coming. Had a guy at my bar today and he asked me this question and I quote. "Hey did you hear about that new company called RIPPLE". LOL, I was like yes, yes I did…

  4. I'm actually a client of ING, in the Netherlands. Curious to see if customers will notice their change or their profits just go up.

  5. Keep shilling all the way down. The big crypto washout is coming. BTC 3k and XRP around 15 cents. That's when you load the boat.

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