Instant Male to Female || Instant results || kaeluminal

Instant Male to Female || Instant results || kaeluminal

So, I actually owed this to my friend Foxy the female pirate for like 7 months or so, but I lost connection to her and recently got back into touch. She gave permission to upload it. Includes binary, DNA, and text affs, but I made it in a rather unusual formula than normal so let me know if i should do it in my normal powerful formula :DDD

-Be a girl and have the appearance of a girl
-Busty, desired breasts
-Produce estrogen and progesterone at essential levels
-Reduce testosterone
-Skeletal system shifts into a female one
-Feminine body, personality, and face
-Unmarked, flawless pale skin that is always moisturized
-Cute feminine face
-V shaped chin, feminine nose and jawline
-Perfect teeth
-Desired heart shaped bubble butt
-Feminine legs
-Be thick and busty
-Small waist, sexy thigh gap, thighs, hips
-Develop a female reproductive system and vagina
-Amazing flat stomach
-Boob job (detailed af)
-Feminine eyes
-Incredible hair (detailed)
-XX chromosomes, female dna
-Start menstrual cycles
-Be remembered as female, be called by your desired name and name change
-Manifest female clothes
-Vanish that masculinity fast UwU
-And more

Feel free to ask any questions, this can be downloaded as MP3 but not bundled.



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