Jess Walker – First & Last (Official Music Video)


Jess Walker – First & Last (Official Music Video)



“First & Last” Music Video
featuring Jess Walker
Directed and edited by Brett Williams, Jessica Perry, and Alex Ramos

The original story that inspired me to write this song was a night out at the club. I was going through a breakup, but one of those breakups that seem to never really end because one minute you hate each other and the next you want to spend the rest of your lives together. Anyway, the song is basically about the ups and downs that can happen in relationships – how you can know that someone is no good for you, but you keep going back. My take on the whole thing is that, eventually, you learn from your mistakes and find someone that’s worth your while. As with the music video for “Bones,” I really wanted to make a statement with this video. I wanted to shine a light on the LGBTQ community and portray a lesbian couple because 1) the gay rights movement is something I fully support, 2) it’s a hot topic in the United States right now and 3) I wanted to show that lesbian couples or and gay couples, for that matter, go through the same things as heterosexual couples. Love is love and it’s about time that we start spreading it.

“First & Last”
written by Jess Walker & Karlo Castillo
produced by Karlo Castillo
instruments by Jess Walker @iamjesswalker & Karlo Castillo

Special thanks to Bria Kam and Chrissy Chambers for being a part of this video! You girls are amazing and the video wouldn’t be what it is without you!

Main Cast

Chrissy Chambers
Bria Kam
Vanessa Valejo
Genna Kearns


Sherman Smith
DJ Chaney
Koriell Campbell
Phanor Lasso
Nelson Alcantara
Marielle Brisbois
Chaney Turney
Wayne Wilcots
Chase McCray
Michael Warren
Malcolm Hill
Elias James
Josh Marks
Matthew Williams
Trey Burns
Michael Denning
Joshua Steward
Noah Kiser
Helen Matthis
Jay Fang
Mitchelen Matthish
Mya Wilkes
Edward Vivanco
Irvin Vivanco
Melissa Verne
Spencer Shaw
Asia Gaddy
Jackie Mutai
Shakiera Mosby
Amanda Mills
Steve Ruiz
Daniel Aliaga


Brett Williams
Jessica Perry
Alex Ramos
Rebecca Ancira

Special thanks to Dean’s and Canopy!




  1. This absolutely hands down deserves so many more views and recognition, beautiful job Jess 😘

  2. If I were Bria even though its a video i woulda been ao jealous of the other girl kissing Chrissy

  3. Why does this make me feel nostalgic? It's so good I thought it was written by an actual artist!

  4. I saw Chrissy was kiss in someone else I don't like… the only one truly and honestly lovely couple Bria and chrissy

  5. Ohhhh myy god.. When i saw chrissy kissing the other girl, my jaw dropped and i was thinking 'holy fuck how could this happen.' But then chrissy kissed bria at the end so i was like whew. Great video!


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