'Kal Aaj aur Kal' (Part 1)- Poem by Aitzaz Ahsan


'Kal Aaj aur Kal' (Part 1)- Poem by Aitzaz Ahsan

‘Kal Aaj aur Kal’ – Poem by Aitzaz Ahsan dedicated to the Struggle for Pakistan. 14th Feb, 2009

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  1. aik taraf thay Ayaan aur Asif… aik taraf thay Thar k bukhay bachay… bolo kis ka saath do ge… fucking bitch Aitzaaz

  2. Question to Mr. Ahsan: Do you still believe in this DREAM? At around 8:30 minutes of this poem…laikin humsab bikhar rahaiy thay…..should be like this… hum sab BIK rahaiy thay………

  3. People like Aitazaz is why Pakistan breaths to this day. LONG LIVE AITAZAZ AHSAN INSHALAH.

  4. I salute you, AA. We Pakistanis should be proud of you. As great political activist struggling for downtrodden without any vested interest, you have created an undeniable place in history for yourself. I was happy and proud as Pakistani to find you rated as one of the world's Top 20 intellectuals. Keep it up AA. Let us pray people like you influence the PPP to go back to its roots; ZAB philosophy.

  5. jhoota, meer jaffar….. munh kay fire mar kay chahla giya…… fraudiya.. shuhrat ka nashayee…

  6. family politics , after all Bhutto Family is one of them who is looting Pakistan for decades and just like few families its up against all Pakistan , sorry to say you are part of this elite however talented you are , however great person you are , you are part of these families ,so don't fool your self and us , i will be the first one to join you if you leave PPP and make or join a party where there are people from middle and lower class Pakistan , i hope you will Understand one day Inshallah ,

  7. I really like Aitzaz Ahsan but when he stick to ideology of PPP and when he remains in Pakistan politics without doing any good , Pakistan political parties are heritage based m family based and what he is talking is a different Pakistan , if person like him join Imran Khan and struggle for real Pakistan all Pakistani's will follow him , he is a great leader but under zardari does it matter , corrupt PPP ,so dear Aitzaz why not you become the first drop and leave these corrupt and dirty

  8. Atizaz Ahsan is such a Learned person , i feel he should join patriotic Pakistani's instead of sticking with Corrupt Zardari and Current PPP
    and do something for Pakistan , Great Person in a wrong Party and Place , He deserve to head PPP and Pakistan but he is just wasting his talent Under Zardari

  9. Chaudhry sahib it is time for you to dislodge yourself from current PPP leadership. One one side you are so outspoken about the corruption and on the other you are so mute about your party corruption.

  10. He Never says this whenever he sits in the National Assembly as a member. and public always give him a chance and trust him BUT very sorry to say, he just loves his seat as others do the difference is his Slogan and Uniform/look…………………

  11. Aitzaz Ahsan
    If you really belive in what you are saying. Start your strugle all Pakistani will follow. But promise them you will not do politics

  12. 16th March 2009. The 3 November judiciary has been restored. PM Gillani has also endorsed the lawyers movement, calling it the struggle of Benazir. Anyway gobbialuu Aitzaz has won, Pakistan has won, 160 Million people have won. You can go on talking about RAW agents that you find among us. Shame on you if you are a Pakistani, while the nation is rejoicing and has become optimistic for a good future you can whine all you want. I think you are from the MQM.

  13. I always used to wonder that y person like Aitzaz Ahsan is in PPP. But now its better than he is our of lutaira Zardari's PPP.

  14. LAL inqalab cannt be brought with the help of Jamaat-e-islami, PML, PTI , General Hameed Gul and Gange, and Maulvies of Lal Masjid.

    its self contradictory.

  15. how the fuck could someone like zardari become president of pakistan thats worse than musharraf in my point of view
    he's done jack shit for pakistan and he's president

    and then the first thing he does is flirt with palin infront of the whole world

    atizaz if he loves pakistan should do something to get a president who wants to help not to steal from the country

    Piss off back to dubai Zardari

  16. Great. Did you even understand any of his poetry? Sindhi, Balochi, Punjabi, it doesn't matter. Muslim, Christian, Jew, it doesn't matter. You are human. Be human.

  17. Mankind has been betrayed with such intensity and brilliance that to change this world into a world which had been prescribed by our Lord , seems now only but a dream. It is indeed detrimental to our civilisation that we had been granted with all the fundamental resources, for us to live in bliss and tranquility, but it is man who has destroyed its very heritage and has destroyed the lives of each other, into creating a paradise here on earth at the cost of destroying most of mankind.

  18. It is a futile attempt to try to take on the establishemt, they are armed to the teeth and they have all the support from the west, so whatecer the west deems fit, that event will occur, nooone wants an Islamic country to progress, and the younger generation have all fallen for the honeytrap, so I am afraid it is abit late in the day to cry out for salvation and redemption, Have a nice day 🙂

  19. A dynamic lawyer probably the best that pakistan has to offer is jailed for standing up to the rule of Law.
    Unbroken and undeterred he challenges those who understand to rise up for a country that lies tattered after a miserable arrogant chowkidar proclaimed himself Emperor and God

  20. Are you insane? Do you want civil war between Shia and Sunni? Aitizaz Ahsan has a wonderful IDEA, basic human rights and a democratic dispensation. Why can't Muslims get excited about democracy? Why do they hate and mistrust their fellow citizens so much? To suggest that democracy is Western is misguided and ignorant. I'm a Pakistani and I want to vote for my leaders and have my human rights respected. Thats not Western, these are human desires.


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