Kenny Chesney- Who You'd Be Today- ASL


Kenny Chesney- Who You'd Be Today- ASL

This song deciates to my grandma. Whom I never met- She died before i was born. RIP Grandma….

Sometimes we never know, til it happens, I’d regret it. For that, I learned for any chance I could take, I step up and take it.

Thank yoiu.




  1. Daniel Juxtapose Carson (14), I hardly knew you, we've only known each other for a month, I hope you're in Heaven with your mom and your dad, and sweet mellow Shrillex your pit bull those bullies killed. I wonder if your brother Simplicity is there too. Luxi's (Luxifer) is still here, waitin' to go home too. But… death tore all the pages away. But you're in Heaven… you gotta be Daniel. I swear I can still hear you laughing and smiling sometimes. Why did you end your own life?

  2. That was just beautiful! That song gets me everytime, I had a brother who was stabbed to death when he was 19. I never got to meet him because it happened 4 years before I was born.


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