Kidnappers Hideout! ABANDONED Creepy Torture Cabin Bizarre Weird Scary Bloody clothes CRAZY OMG!!


Kidnappers Hideout! ABANDONED Creepy Torture Cabin Bizarre Weird Scary Bloody clothes CRAZY OMG!!

A REAL life haunted house! Hikers lost 2 miles deep in NH forest come upon a mega-creepy old lost cabin. Full of 70’s newspapers, antique furniture, & several strange oddities! Was it just a long abandoned hunting shack? Criminal hideout?? Sex crimes? You be the judge! (if you dare!)
Nixon was filming for his Spanish YouTube channel….
“Nixon Morales 502”
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  1. So being the detective I am, 😊 I'm guessing your near the Lower/ central area of New Hampshire. Londonderry, Nashua, Salem, Exeter area.Lots of missing people during the 1970s, a couple females in 73. One guy dumped off a wooded area,with blunt force trauma. I would have contacted police to do blood analysis or found out who owns that property.

  2. CREEPY! Bill, I have a girlfriend who grew up in an old 18th century home in Pennsylvania. When her and the family left, they took an old bed with them (complete with carved headboard and rope-strapped base). Whenever someone sleeps in the bed, they are awaken by a revolutionary soldier standing at the foot of it. My girlfriend refuses to sleep in it ever again ( it is at her moms house). Probably a good idea to leave that bed in that cabin there…

  3. Nixon has the best laugh! The cabin is very creepy. Did you call the authorities because of the bloody shirt? That is a huge blood stain.

  4. Bill you crack me up, you straight left Nixon on the ground at 12:40. Why didn’t you go check out that virgin cellar hole?

  5. To the right of the ad for Alice Cooper, there was an ad showing different movies showing at local cinemas. One was for Soylent Green, and below the title it says (if I remember the wording right): "they need it in the year 2022! " Just found that interesting given that's only four years away now!

  6. Bill please do some backround info about Nixon. is he a detectorist? Looks like you guys are having a good time. That head under the bed was creepy!!

  7. Shame might of been a silver stash nearby. Poor Howard would have freaked out! That popular science was old! Trying to find the issue I may have it somewhere….

  8. Hey Bill
    man that was a creepy cabin brother ,,I wonder what kind of weird stuff went on there
    great picking along the roadside ,,sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet find
    good luck and happy hunting bill,,enjoyed the adventure bro,,liked ( BIG thumbs up from Alaska )

  9. They often shut the shutters to keep bears from breaking the windows, or the weather out.

  10. Those CVS bags would be w/in the last few years. They way the robes make me think some really old used them to sit up in bed. Go back with a Bright light!!

  11. Nice video and collaboration nixon morales 502 channel 👉 more videos coming up 👍🏼


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