[KnB] Ono Yuuki confirms that Ono Kensho is Kuroko IRL ⎮ CoLLa


[KnB] Ono Yuuki confirms that Ono Kensho is Kuroko IRL ⎮ CoLLa

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⌲ 黒子のバスケ ラジオ

In this video…
Ono Kensho (Kuroko Tetsuya)
Ono Yuuki (Kagami Taiga)

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  2. Interesting that both voice actors have the same last name lol. I love the anime!! Haven't read the manga yet tho-slow I know

  3. Was there a moment where Midorima, Kagami, and Kuroko's VA do radio together?
    I mean, it would be fun since they are the Ono's! (first names)

  4. I'm still trying to take in that there are 3 Ono's in KnB that I know of: Ono Kensho, Ono Yuuki, and Ono Daisuke…and they all play important characters in the series, too.

  5. Just imagine, you went to eat okonomiyaki as well and then you see the whole cast of KnB RIGHT THERE like-

  6. Just remember this lovely calm voice is the same as our beloved edgy akutagawa lmao. So precious

  7. I also have my Kuroko moments to be honest XD i tend to Always walk behind a group (even if its just two friends) and they know Im with them and I tend to change sides because of the street and traffic sometimes and even if i have heavy footsteps or drag my feet or say something,sometimes they look around wondering where I am XD Even my mom and aunt. Its become so usual that I just wait and see for how long they take to find me XD Sometimes my friends would get a scare hahaha

  8. Imagine him with KanaHana in their house, Ken-chan suddenly disappeared.

    As Kanahana's frantically finding him in every room of their house, he suddenly appeared outside the bathroom and said "The bathtub is already heated".


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