L.A. Law: The First Lesbian Kiss


L.A. Law: The First Lesbian Kiss

From Season 5 Episode 12 He’s a Crowd. This is the very first lesbian kiss in primetime television history.

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  1. I remember when they discuss this in a subsequent episode. Abby accuses C.J., "You kissed me!" and C.J. replied "You kissed me back!" For it's time, it was red hot!

  2. I remember this!!!Amanda Donohoe & Michele Greene "He's A Crowd" Game Changer!!! Thank you Ladies/ L.A. Law..

  3. So this was the first-ever lesbian kiss on television, right? Just asking because I keep seeing the different search results on here and it's kinda confusing for me.

  4. I remember watching this as it aired and thinking "kiss her" right before it happened. At the time you knew it would never happen…but then it did. I sat there slack jawed and couldn't wait for the follow up story which turned out to be chickening out. Still…game changer for TV.


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