Leaked Phone Call Exposes CHAOS In Chicago As Riots Causes 2nd Deadliest Day


Leaked Phone Call Exposes CHAOS In Chicago As Riots Causes 2nd Deadliest Day

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  1. If this keeps up, very soon another radical/extremist group will take chance of these lawless police-less cities…

  2. I only moved to Chicago less than a year ago. I wish I could leave. My car got broken into and my stuff robbed during one of the BLM riots and the police didn’t do anything about it. I’m done.

  3. How about Lightfoot with a failed political spin trying to blame the cops for the looting and burning of buildings. When cops got called for a looted policial office of popcorn Bobby Rush in the early morning. She is deceitful and disrespectful along with the founder of the black panther movement.

  4. So how does the mayor not get looted. I expect her to have a McMansion. Does she have armed guards to stay safe?

  5. All you have to say to describe the unimaginably corrupt slime pit that is Chicago, is say "democrat run"

  6. Not called shitcago for nothing… lol best day ever was leaving there. Ingrained segregated neighborhoods, corrupt cops and politicians, potholes and shitty weather.

  7. Maybe we need complete anarchy for a few months, to clean out the chicago gangs that the police werent allowed to do anything about.

  8. Chicago has been corrupt for decades. The city is so corrupt that they don't even try to hide the corruption. "So we're corrupt. So what?"

  9. ALL of the big cities run by progressive mayors are turning into cesspools. LA, SF, Seattle, Dallas, Chicago, Detroit, etc, etc, etc..

  10. WHAT, how could this be… a BLM movement that started over an addict that took a fatal dose of fentanyl and meth before committing a crime that caused his interaction with the police, and his death is blamed on the police?… now in the weeks that fallowed we have dozens more dead black/white people as a result of these riots framed as protests by the media… shows how much they really about black lives

  11. On May 31st 18 people in Chicago died from peaceful protesting COVID-19 according to cable news networks

  12. If you think that this episode of Chicago was bad, wait to see the chaos if any of those Minnesota cops get acquitted.

  13. Politicians you deserve, joking and laughing about the food in Chicago , you’re a bitch tim

  14. Tim when they say 'defund' it is not like how we learned the idea. They mean reduce, not eliminate. That being said… They don't know what they are talking about, It is because the phrase is so simple and everyone can say it. Can you imagine a chant of 'Redirect Municipality money into properly training and renewing annual police contracts, and by the way increase neighborhood and community involvement in the policing, including policing guys on meth passing funny money'. Maybe the chant should be 'Remove Bad Cops'. And, I'll support good cops!

  15. Who would vote for someone who looks like that? You can see the bullshit stacked up to her eye balls

  16. Well another mayor in another democrat stronghold that clearly doesn't give 2 shits about the people. When will people learn

  17. This whole george floyd tragedy is a mere excuse to these thugs to be abused as “reason” to run amok. These so called ‘activists’ and ‘demonstrators’ (speak: looters) wait every day for something like this to happen.
    I’m SOOO fed up with all the blatant hypocrisy!! 🤬

  18. There was something that GK Chesterton said a hundred years ago, and I’m paraphrasing: liberals reform and conservatives protect the reforms. Whether or not they got along, the two sides are necessary. Now the two sides can’t even work together. There is no stability and no reform, just destruction.


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