Lesbian couple wanted to get married but then God intervened!


Lesbian couple wanted to get married but then God intervened!

Kathy and Valerie had been living in a same-sex Lesbian relationship since 2008. A few months ago they wanted to get married but then God spoke to them clearly.
This is an amazing story of how the Holy Spirit is working in people’s lives today and that if we seek the Lord He is there.
The gospel is the power of salvation!

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  1. the internalized homophobia is heartbreaking 💔💔💔 if y’all had an uneasy feeling, I guess I’m glad y’all aren’t getting married

  2. What an amazing testimony. Of gods name being glorified. You have to come to a choice, in your life. Where you will allow God to help you overcome sin. And if so, you will be like these young ladies and be delivered from it. And have joy and peace. Because as it says in Romans chapter 10 verse 13. Who so shall ever, call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved. God bless you all, and God bless this ministry in those young ladies. Stay in the faith. Love you all. And so does Jesus.

  3. There honestly lying because god wouldn't save a happy loving same sex couple from getting married

  4. I know a young man that was gay and was selling his body into prostitution and God change him and now he is a prophet and a pastor of God

  5. Not to sound rude to Kathy and Valerie, but doesn't it seem suspicious that two people who've been in a relationship for 11 years suddenly feel like being lesbian is wrong?

  6. Im so glad I came across this video because I had this bothering question in my mind. “How about gay people who are already happy and feel like their true selves (without that abusive background story) that they say they were born with it? It feels like they will never change since they are completely fine anyway”

    I realized if they get to know God more and really love Him, then and then they will really know it is a sin. Just like these two gals in the video. That’s when the Holy Spirit will really convict them and change them inside n out. So yes I realize they can change despite them saying they were never abused before and was living that lifestyle for years. Only God can truly change a person.

  7. Im a woman in a relationship with the woman. We have both confessed the love for each other many years now.
    I have been studying the bible for quiet a time and I have been feeling so empty. I somehow know that the relationship aint right and at the same time I feel pity inside me to leave just like that. Everyday I have to fight with my thoughts. I dont know wha else to do…i dont wanna hurt the other person and also hurt my self even more :/

  8. God is all bout love not hate he wouldn't stop two men or women from getting married who are in LOVE!!! He doesn't punish people who are in love WTF would he do that neither would jesus or God he love us kmw

  9. I'm a bisexual Christian and I'm proud to be the way God has created me you don't choose your sexual attraction or sexual orientation we can't change anything about ourselves if being lesbian gay bisexual was a choice then we would feel uncomfortable having sex with the same sex its not healthy to have sex with the genders we're not attracted to our sexualitys is what makes us have sex if being gay lesbian or bisexual was choice then why do I get boners when i see someone I like exactly god God created us how he wanted us these women are lying i bet you there not even gay

  10. Jesus wouldn't do that he wouldn't save a happy loving couple from getting married if he told them that he would do the same for other gay couples

  11. Satan had me chained by the neck with his immoral sin. I'm set free, Jesus Is power and LIFE . 💞

  12. My best friend and I got married so we could have better health insurance and work benefits. We sometimes give each other brojobs because men need release, you know?

    Eventually adopted a kid to be our bro. We raise him like our own and we're all really cool with each other.

    But the other night we were going at each other and our balls touched and he didn't say "no homo". Did I marry a gay guy?

  13. If they hear voices in their heads, they have a bigger problem than who to marry. Clearly, these women need psychiatric help. But I'm not surprised. Gay bashers trotted out "ex-gay" James Hartline right after he spent 15 years in the prison psych ward. And "ex-gay" David Arthur, admitted murderer. This is really scraping the bottom of the barrel.


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