lesbian tik toks to watch before going to sleep


lesbian tik toks to watch before going to sleep

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  1. Ok so I disliked this video only so it wouldn’t show up in my recommend and so my homophobic mother wouldn’t kill me! So there’s really only 26 dislikes I swear!!

  2. 7:49
    You forget the socially awkward bi girls (aka me) who can’t fuckken get anyone because they’re out on the dating market too late and emotionally immature enough to start a proper relationship and nobody is patient enough to help us mature.
    Even got top energy so that’s worse.

  3. I'm the one who can't come out because of religion. Haven't even kissed a girl yet. Hope I can find girl who will love me…

  4. bruh we have the same profile pic, when your channel icon came up at the end of the video I was so confused

  5. Is anyone else straight but still watching this cause I don't have a life is it just me :/

  6. Ok who can agree almost every girl had a crush on Marceline the vampire Queen I mean come on 😍😂


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