Lesbians Explain : What Vagina Tastes Like


Lesbians Explain : What Vagina Tastes Like

How to make it taste better or worse?
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  1. Personal experience tells me that each woman is different yet can be similar depending on how long between shower's 😅

  2. Bruh pussy taste like salted fish with a strange pee smell to it.. it drives you crazy when u eat it tho so that’s a plus

  3. My vagina tasted like fresh picked sweet and sour fruits and if I drink coffee my vagina will have a metallic taste to it.
    Not like its a bad thing but why you'd gotta do me like this coffee

  4. Better with copper saturated water based lubricant… And now I'm thinking about the copper juicy fruit flavor…

  5. In lesbians case there's is a lot or too much Multiple orgasme… Multiple orgasme… 😵

  6. Mental Health issues sums up you reprobates. you must submit to ISLAM Christianity has failed you Judaism has failed you only Islam can beat the homosexualality demon. you must wear the burqa and hijab a Sharia law let's find a Muslim man and marry him and give him many sons you must submit to your husband and make him proud to have you as one of his wives and you must be proud to be one of his wives. ISLAM is saving Europe Sharia law is in all the major cities in Europe and soon America will be under Sharia law

  7. Fish never comes to mind~but there are some flavors I don't like~especially if there hadn't been any bathing in a day~doesnt happen but once~but yes there has been some I could do all night long

  8. Vagina tastes goooood!!! I love for my girl to feel her taste on my mouth after I've gone down on her. It is so arousing and I feel like we're more in sync.

  9. Jizz is very salt, very salty. Find it kind of weird that the one lady said it tasted metallic, must be blood in that guys semen.


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