Lita #2 ( Clipper UnderCut)


Lita #2 ( Clipper UnderCut)

Clipper Undercut w/line designs. Razored layers then finished to showcase the texture and undercut design.

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  1. Шикарная стрижка для очаровательной девушки.

  2. Please we aren't so inocent obviusly she is an alien. That costume its too obviusly, but nice try.

  3. No se ni que desir esta guapísima dios neta que si la tuviera ami lado me. Quedaría helado en cerio estas guapísima

  4. esas lineas todas gordas ome, respetala omeeeeeeee. bien mamasita, y le haces esa cagada 4:01

  5. This model, Lita I think, is haltingly gorgeous. She has the kind of beauty that kinda makes your heart ache…..or yearn, maybe? It makes me feel something like that inside. I love my white women. You all are the most beautiful, badass women on the face of the earth. White men and women never give each other shout outs like black and hispancs do. You deserve it. You are our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, nieces, cousins, friends, partners, etc……You are our heart, our conscience, and the backbone to our households. Thank you and we love you.


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