Lita/Amy Dumas Feet & Soles from Raw (HD Video)

Lita/Amy Dumas Feet & Soles from Raw (HD Video)

Well finally Here’s the video of the foot fetish scene featuting Amy Dumas (Lita) and her foots on Raw (05-july-11)
Snitsky gimick was werid,kicking baby and slight foot fetish guy
Edge offers Lita’s feet to Snitsky incase to Snitsky Help Then win a match against kane

Unedited Clip will coming soon…..

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  1. Some one should find the clip where snitsky is sniffing some female wrestlers feet then big show takes off his boot and puts it in snitskys face. I rember seeing it as a kid i was dieeeing???

  2. He got lucky too have Lita as his foot fetish interest. She's got Gorgeous feet. Sexiest feet in wrestling; Terri Runnels, Chyna, Trish Stratus, Lita, Torrie Wilson, Lisa Marie Varon, Mandy Rose, Ivory, Deborah, Jacqueline.

  3. They should totally bring back Snitsky as part of this new era and give him his foot fetish gimmick again, and have him smelling the feet of all the women in the WWE right now. Can you imagine him smelling Alexa Bliss's feet? Or Mandy Rose's feet? Or Lana's feet? Or Bayley's feet? That would be GOLD!!!

  4. I have a foot fetish but for some reason her feet are not appealing to me at all. Maybe it’s the red polish. Red is probably my least favorite nail polish color because it is so overdone. Her pale white toes with the red polish look like kitchen matches.

  5. That had to be the weirdest segment in wwe history I mean don’t get me wrong lita is fine asf from head to toe but this segment was so awkward to watch

  6. Old but GOLD most definitely, arguably one of my favourite scenes in WWE history 😀

    cheers Jonny

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