Lita Ford – Kiss Me Deadly (Official Video)

Lita Ford – Kiss Me Deadly (Official Video)

Lita Ford’s official music video for ‘Kiss Me Deadly’. Click to listen to Lita Ford on Spotify:

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I went to a party last Saturday night
I didn’t get laid, I got in a fight,
Uh, huh
It ain’t no big thing
Late for my job and the traffic was bad
Had to borrow ten bucks from my old man,
Uh, huh
It ain’t no big thing
I went to a party last Saturday night
I told you that story, I’d be alright
Uh, huh
It ain’t no big thing
But I know what I like
I know I like dancin’ with you
And I know what you like
I know you like dancin’ with me
Yeah, yeah
Kiss me once
Kiss me twice
C’mon pretty baby, kiss me deadly

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  1. I have serious rock addiction and it is getting pretty bad. I got kicked out of Walmart once when this song came on. Now thanks to this addiction I have become the first person ever to be banned from every Walmart in north America. Absolutely worth it.

  2. Nikki sixx said that was him on bass and tommy on drums in their biography the dirt because he and lita were both strung out on herion..def looks like both tommy and nikki..crue for life

  3. I was six when the 80s ended but my gosh the s*** we have now plus quarantine and Corona take me or give me back to the eighties

  4. Singers nowadays got NOTHIN' on the 80's rock chicks!! 2020 U can keep your twirking, diamind-bodysuit-wearing pop singers. Women rockers all the way. Proud to be an 80's girl!!!

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