Lita's Mind Massage Audio – Part 2 – Massageclips ASMR

Lita's Mind Massage Audio – Part 2 – Massageclips ASMR

Receive a virtual ASMR massage by Lita, with this new Relaxation Audio set.A full hour and a half of listening pleasure! Let her soothing voice take you into a deep place of peace and tranquility. Excellent to both learn how to give a massage or just relax too!
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  1. Those are your distal phalanges, metacarpals are the bones that connect your wrist (carpal bones) to your proximal phalanges. Carpal = hand, tarsal = foot.

  2. @ponyboyluver15 MY GOD, if they would've ever met and had kids…what a wonderful world this would be. Too bad Bob died >.<

  3. Lita should join the army and go to Afghanistan…Osama wouldn't be hiding for long once he heard her voice…he'd come looking for a massage.

  4. @samsegunda I love it even more in the foot reflexology video every time she says the word "points." Don't know why. 🙂

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