LIVE REACTION My Hero Academia Chapter 130 – All Might & Nighteye's Relationship

LIVE REACTION My Hero Academia Chapter 130 – All Might & Nighteye's Relationship

Boku no Hero Academia manga chapter 130 live reaction, Listen to the Real Truth.
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  1. I believe it was active for an hour. But as for how far he can actually see has never been shown. Nighteye and all might. Togata and Izuku. Its honestly reminiscent of the captain america versus tony stark ideal. That you cannot turn a blind eye to those needing help versus doing things logically and planning accordingly.

    Captain america represents the ideal hero. Larger than life that only a few can attain. Whereas the other tries tp ground the concept into something that is more possible to strive towards by the people. I think you hit it right on the mark that there is a balance to be made here. Neither is wrong but one fits the the quintessential definition of a true hero.

    Overhaul's quirk is not as simple as initially believed. It may be super healing? to a dangerous degree. What if he could use his quirk to multiply the cells of a person he touches to the point where they just erupt in tumors and explode.

  2. Maybe it's Eri's quirk? The one behind the truck incident?
    And if she and Overhaul are really related, that may help with figuring out their quirks – let's say, for example, that what Josh said is true and Overhaul's ability is matter destruction, then maybe Eri as his daughter can manipulate matter?
    I still find it weird that he has a daughter. He must look younger than he really is!

  3. I think nighteye's quirk was to see anything that happens for a hour not to see everything that happens within a hour

  4. Overhaul might have some type of biological manipulation type quirk. He has shown to only make living matter explode. Unlike shigaraki who has a disintegration quirk, which collapses the chemical bonds of matter.

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