Looking Sad ! The Monkeys in all the cages are moving to suitable places


Looking Sad ! The Monkeys in all the cages are moving to suitable places

Hello Everyone! This video, I would like to share with you about monkey lifestyles such as wild and pet monkeys, so you can find out here about animals for searching for knowledge, educational and entertainment purposes anytime anywhere. Please click here: for more new video

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  1. These monkeys must have RABBIE'S AND A FEW OTHER things like tape worms ,ring woms parasites and more Go get Charlie and put him to sleep

  2. They are going to kill these añd they will no longe be seen ,You can hear how scared the animàls are .They know what is goiny7qajàa feed x

  3. 0:14 – There's Mary and Mario in the background….poor Mary gets caught just a couple minutes later in this video. Poor Mario :'(

  4. OMG, Ally was close by..ouff..Rozy, rozana and rocky are not in the cages, like the person by the name of Harry kept saying…is there any more news yet?

  5. Je hoefde niet naar de Hitler 'methode en de POL POT methode om evenwicht te bereiken toe te passen.Om deze populatie in evenwicht te houden, kunt u voorkomen dat hun begroeiing wordt gecastreerd!niet zo moeilijk.Waarom heb je zoveel AAP's verzameld in dit park voor je eigen interesses, en van tijd tot tijd leef je wreedheid over deze arme dieren.Zo niet, doe je het om de haat van mensen te winnen?Het boeddhisme is een menselijke religie, de filosofie is erg mooi.Je aanvraag, het geschreeuw van apen rond de lelijke kooi, deed je nergens aan denken???

    angela borrayo

  6. A more suitable location? Hopefully it's where you vo's can't interfere with them or steal their babies anymore.

  7. Who is the big male monkey in the smaller cage?
    Why are they only catching the short tail monkeys?
    Why don't they remove the ugly long tail monkeys?
    In principle, I disagree with men interfering with and they should let the monkeys sort out their problems.
    These people may be selling these monkeys to American pharmaceutical companies for scientific research. Have you observed they have squeeze so many monkeys into a small cage? Disgusting!


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